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Perry Tatman
United Kingdom
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--- Update 18th November 2015 ----

Dear Super Santa.

OMG another parcel from your Elves at Amazon.... you might want to have a word with them as the cheeky monkeys left the box behind my bin and it got soaked by the rain. However the contents were ok.

This one has been on my wish list for so long, ever since I read the reviews.laugh

I have just purchased 'Gangs of New York' to get me in the mood and scene setting for the cutthroat politics we will be playing......long live Butcher Bill arrrh

I hope your own Santa is as generous as you.

All the best to you and your family in 2016.


16th November 2015

Arrived home to find a parcel....

Your bloody special Santa,

The last board for my Power Grid collection.....so pleased.

And the camera lens coffee mug....wow....I shall take that to work and use it every day, just what I needed.

I honestly wouldn't expect a final gift as you have already ticked my boxes.

Cheers Santa your the best.


Dear Santa,

Thanks you for your kind note....I have tried to be good.....but I must admit to the terrible sin of impatience!! I know not to be proud of (hangs head in shame).blush

But I have been a good neighbour and have been teaching my friend next door teenage son lots of board games. He is a great pupil and has a keen strategic mind……..he will go far!

My wish list is up to date and please forgive its length....

Season’s greetings and may all your problems be little ones. whistle


Hi All,

My name's Perry (AKA Cheesy_Nacho).

I have loved board games all my life, over half a century so that’s quite a while…

Current favourite games are:
• Combat Commander series
• Lords of Waterdeep
• Power Grid
• Bruxelles 1893
• Andean Abyss
• Pandemic
• Gloom Cthulhu

On Pre-order:
• Twilight Struggle Digital Edition (Kickstarter)
• )

All the best


P.S. I have a few items up for trade if anyone is interested.
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