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I don't design games, I play them!
You might have some questions about me, so I have written a text below in which I describe myself! Feel free to geekmail me with any questions or comments you might have. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and bad English, but I'm Danish, so...

Who are you?
My name is Christian, I'm 23 24 25 26 27 years old, and I'm an addict... I'm addicted to board games - I want to play them ALL THE TIME!
I'm married to a lovely girl whom I've been together with for 8 years! I have a big family whom I love and actually play games with from time to time. I study political science at the university, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do for a living after I graduate.

In my spare time I obviously play a lot of board games which is my biggest passion, but I also have another hobby (which kind of funds my board games, so it's important!): sports betting.
I don't bet on lots of different sports but primarily on the NBA (even though I’m a Dane). I don't earn thousands of dollars this way, but I really like doing it and have done so - succesfully - for a couple of years now. I like the NBA, but I also bet on cycling during the spring season (the Monuments and cobble stone races) and the three grand races: Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana. Riding my bicycle is also something I like to do in the summer season – it’s always lovely to take a short ride (~ 7-10km) in nice weather!
Update: due to limits (because I won too much) and less time than before, as I've dedicated most of my spare time to board games, I've stopped betting.

So, that's a little about me.
Now onto what this site is all about, the board games and how it all started!

How did you enter the wonderful world of board games?
Well, I have always been interested in games; like many others I played the standard games like Risk, Backgammon, Monopoly, Uno etc when I was a kid, but I think I actually liked them more than many others did. Nevertheless, I didn't play board games for many years and played computer games instead; Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft, Counter-Strike to name some of them, but there was one game I played far, far more than any other... Sid Meier's Civilization II! I quickly discovered that this awesome game with its huge strategic aspects was exactly my kind of thing! I liked how you should plan and manage your civilization, and I think that's why I also prefer eurogames to ameritrash (more on that later).

Anyway, fast forward many years in which I didn't really play a lot of computer games or board games except for the occasional Bezzerwizzer and Tegn og Gæt (Danish games equivalent to Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary respectively). In late spring 2011 I took an exam at University, so I obviously had to read a lot. And we all know how that goes... I ended up spending (too) much time on Facebook and browsing the internet and all that and suddenly I ended up here on BGG. I did so because I had played some games with a few people from University a couple of weeks earlier, and I wondered if there might be better games out there than the crappy ones we played... And indeed there were better games, much better games!

That turned out to be the best discplacement activity I have ever made! Okay, perhaps I didn't get the ultimate grade at the exam, but that's what happens when you spend hours and hours searching for all these new board games... And now I'm thrilled that I got sucked into this world because I have some very good memories from game nights.

Sure, my shopping spree was pretty huge as I bought ~100 games in one month and now own ~250 games now (though 100+ are expansions); however, I think I have bought some of the best games available on the market so I doubt I am going to buy a whole lot in the future. My collection has actually decreased a lot as I owned more than 400 games at one point!)

I really, really like all the aspects of playing board games! First of all I love to stimulate my brain and planning and managing my player pieces (like in CivII); it's just fantastic to decide which actions to take during the game and it doesn't matter if I win or lose. I also love the social interaction you have when playing a board game compared to a video game where you play on your own or compared to watching TV, which you can do with others but you’re not talking at all and you might as well watch it alone! So the social aspect and the fact that you need to think a lot (in most games) are the two major reasons why I love board games so much no matter if I win or lose!

What kind of games do you like?
Even though I play most games (besides wargames/RPG) I definitely prefer the awesome "cubes and victory point" games known as euro games! I don't like a lot of luck in my games, and games where lucky dice rolls/card draws almost solely decide the outcome of the games are absolutely TERRIBLE in my humble opinion.

However, I don't mind a bit of luck that much if I can still plan a strategy and such, and it's not like I can't stand losing to a bad die roll! Luck is certainly good in many lighter games, and luck also helps to get new players to play games with me because they have a chance of winning. This is obviously a big plus as I win almost 64 % of my games, so I understand if some persons don't want to play if they think they are going to lose. I'm not bragging at all, it's just a fact and it's probably because I have played more games than most of the other persons I play with, so obviously I have an advantage! I'm very aware of this and over time my winning percentage will probably decrease a lot as the other players get more plays under their belts.
I play to win (and to have a great time with the guys I play with), but I do like when somebody else wins because then they are more likely to want to play with me again...

Oh, and it seems that I enjoy the same games as many others here on BGG; my favorite game is probably Agricola and I love Puerto Rico too. I own many of the games in the top 200 and I like most of them quite a bit. However, I have to say that there are a few outliers – I don’t really like Power Grid, Twilight Struggle also isn't a game I'm crazy about (I know! Heresy!), but the one game I truly never understood the hype about is Android: Netrunner... But other than that, it seems my taste in board games is somewhat equal to the average geek, at least the eurogamer.

With whom do you play?
I mostly play games with my girlfriend in various little groups at our place (as I'm the only one who owns board games); we play just the two of us, with her father, with my brother, with other members of my family, with friends from high school, with friends from university and a combination of all of the abovementioned groups. Also, since 2012-13 I guess, I have been playing a lot of games with a couple of other boardgamers whom I met through boardgames - they are great company and we enjoy ourselves tremendously, and they have become my primary gaming partners in crime!

My most common player number is 3 closely followed by 4 - great numbers, and even though one of my favorite games El Grande plays very well with 4, it's just a bit better with 5 (as are a couple of other euro games too). Too bad I rarely play with 5; the few times we are more than the usual 3-4 people, we tend to be 6-7 players and play party games and such. Oh well, I probably shouldn't complain as I know I'm lucky to know so many different guys (and girls) who want to play with me!

How do you rate games?
I grade games after just a single play. By then I most likely haven't discovered the deep strategies and such, but my rating is simply a rating based on my first impression and I will obviously change it in the future when playing more games if I think the rating is incorrect - however, my first impressions are usually correct and I rarely drastically increase or decrease my ratings by more than two on the BGG scale).
I also prefer to write a comment to each game I've graded in order to explain why I have given the game this rating. I think it's very useful to other persons here on BGG who might be interested in a game, at least I hope so! I usually write in the "New to You" monthly geeklist - it's a great list where people write their first impressions of the new games they've played that month.

As stated previously, I want to play board games all the time! Therefore, I guess my ratings are a bit too low on average for what I'm actually feeling, as I literally always want to play games! Nevertheless, I know that I will play a lot of good, meatier games in the future, so I will probably give a lot of 8-9s in the future once I'm going to play some more heavy eurogames and all of the Splotter games. Also, if the alternative is between playing a bad board game or not playing at all, I would even play a game I've rated a 4! So it's not like I won't play the games I've rated poorly, I would just prefer to play a better game. Also, some of the games I've rated poorly are actually okay games for kids, so a 3 might mean a 6 or 7 for a kid...

I own a lot of games which I have not graded yet and the biggest reason is that I simply just haven't had the time to play a lot of the games. Well, "haven't had the time" is probably a wrong phrase as I actually have played like a mad man during the last couple of months - I didn't even begin to buy games until June 2011, so after half a year I have played more than 100 different games and more than 500 plays in total. After 2014 I've rated about 900 different games (incl. expansions) and played more than 3500 games - wow! That's way more than I thought, and I'm thrilled abou this! However, with my new lovely baby being born in September 2014, I'm probably going to play a lot less in the future...

You own 300 games - is your collection complete?
Haha, that was a good one... As many of you will probably agree with, a game collection can never be finished! I will keep buying new games in the future, but I must admit that it will probably be just a few compared to the buying spree I've been on in the first half year.
I already own many of the well-known games here at BGG and I doubt that I am going to buy another 100 games because I have some great games. Of course, new games are released every year and I am going to buy the best of those! I will probably sell some of my poorly rated owned games too in order to make room for new games; I live in an apartment so space can be an issue - not that I think that of course, but my fiancée does!
Also, I might own 300+ games, but 100+ of those are expansions and promos which I've managed to fit inside the base game box, so there are only around 200 games on my shelves...
And, as of 2015 I actually own less than 150 games, and I'm actually aiming for 100-130 games, but I can never imagine I'm going lower than that as there are far too many good games - and I also think it's important to have a different game for different occassions with different players!

Furthermore, as I'm still new to the whole board game world, there are still lots of games in my collection I haven't played yet. And there are lots I have only played once or twice. This means that I don't really have to buy new games as I can just play one of the games I haven't played yet or some of those I haven't played a lot, and I'm sure I am going to have hours of fun with my existing collection!

In the beginning of my board gaming "career" I bought almost all of my games online so they are brand new and I sure don't save a lot of money that way... After the initial hype faded, and as money became more scarce, I'm starting to buy a lot more games from other people (here on BGG and from other board gamers in Denmark). I don't have any problem selling games after only a few plays if I really don't like the game, but I usually try games a couple of times before deciding to get rid of them.

What's your opinion on expansions and promos?
I am a sucker for these! I love expansions and think they are absolutely great as you can play the base game as intended or add an expansion (or more?) and get a different gaming experience. It's the case with many games that have several expansions attached to them (Carcassonne and Alhambra, I'm looking at you) that you can mix and match those and therefore play the games in tons of different ways and on different difficulties! I really like that. Also, if you're tired of a game, an expansion helps a lot (Castle Panic comes to mind).
Still, I must confess that I haven't played many of my base games enough in order to justify the purchases of many expansions...

While expansions often add a whole lot to the base games, promos often have an insignificant impact on the game due to their smaller size compared to expansions (you often see promos consisting of 1-5 cards or so, which you won't see with an expansion). Still, promos can add a bit of variety to a game - the extra Gods in Yggdrasil or the extra Wu Fengs in Ghost Stories are good examples. However, I must admit that I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes so I want to collect everything - and those promos are very hard to find and when you do find them they can be quite expensive... Nevertheless, I like the extra variety they, along with expansions, add to the base game!

Why did you choose this avatar?
My avatar is the baby stink bean from "Ladybohn: Manche Mögen's heiss" which is a German standalone card game in the Bohnanza family. I like the various Bohnanza games, though Bohnanza certainly isn't my favorite game (that would be Agricola), so that's not the reason why I chose this picture. The reason is that the picture of this particular baby bean triggers something inside me (and my brother) and we can't stop laughing when we see it - I don't know why and I can't help it! Yes, I'm probably a little weird, but now you know the reason why I chose this avatar...

Why did you add a Flag Counter?
I don't really know. I guess I think it's just a cool feature to be able to see who have visited my profile. I started my FC on February 13 2012:

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