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Michael Webb
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Western Mitten
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I'm 36. Very laid back, I play to win but I'm not one to flip out if I lose, having fun is the end goal after all. Used to play board games very heavily, but now get to them monthly or so.

Proud member of the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish tribe of Pottawatomi. (

My top 10 games are my top 10 games of all time. My hot 10 games are the games that I am most interested in trying out.

BGG Stuff:

For Geekbuddy purposes:
My rating tendency is highly in favour of heavier weight games like Macher, Age of Steam, Java, 18XX and that sort of thing. I have been trending heavily away from games where players cannot directly interact/fere with each other in significant ways recently, though I still have some favourites that are lighter on the interaction. I tend to play games that I own repeatedly and re-rate them along the way. I rate in a fairly vicious manner in comparison to many people on the Geek, but it's due to the realities involved: there are only so many games that I feel I can rate an 8 and up at a time, even a 7 and up, because when I say 8+ on a rating it means that I am going to be suggesting the game, and when you get down to the basic level of the way my brain works, there are only so many games in each mechanic that will be at the level where I'm going to request them, with everything else necessarily falling lower in my hierarchy. Thus, as I play more games, my average rating is actually trending down because the competition for the high slots becomes tougher and tougher.

My two favourite game types are card games and train games. The former just have positive associations for me, and even though I like the meatier ones (i.e.: Eidex, Doppelkopf) the main reason why I enjoy them is the lighter atmosphere, and the visceral fun of tossing cardboard onto the table. Train games I like not because of their theme, but because of the mechanics that are commonly paired with the theme such as route building, pick up and deliver, stock holding (with accompanying alliances) and economic planning.

Back in 2006 I was busy designing expansions to my favourite game, Age of Steam, and this resulted in two commercial releases: Age of Steam Expansion: Montréal Métro (2007) and Age of Steam Expansion: The Zombie Apocalypse (2009). I had other expansions basically done, but never released them owing to economic realities and lack of time.

I used to log games religiously, but now do not.

A general word on professional ties and associations:

I have worked with Alban Viard and was a member of AoS Team around 2008-2010. I stopped rating Alban's maps after the association began to avoid a conflict of interest as our working relationship did, on rare occasion, earn me money. All of the reviews prior to association have stayed up though, and FWIW, the Moon is still my favourite AoS map.

I at one point gamed on rare occasion with the Winsome Games folks as I lived in Pittsburgh for a couple of years. I haven't rated a handful of their games because I was involved in playtesting them.

VGG Stuff:

I've been a video gamer since the second generation (my first home system was a 2600 bought in the blowout sales following the Crash of '83) and have owned at least one console from every generation since. I was raised on platformers and JRPG games (my first RPGs were Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy for the NES) and still tend to prefer those genres. I rarely play games for their competitive online modes, and prefer to co-op in the meat world as well.

I do not rate video games, as I find them even more prone to gross inflation than board games. I do provide comment overviews for games that I own though, and tend to only make those comments once I've beaten the game.
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Top 10
#1: Age of Steam
#2: Magic: The Gathering
#3: Die Macher
#4: Cosmic Eidex
#5: The Princes of Florence
#6: Spades
#7: Puerto Rico: Expansion I – New Buildings
#8: Doppelkopf
#9: Baltimore & Ohio
#10: Brass
Hot 10
#1: The Great Zimbabwe
#2: 1849
#3: Metropolis
#4: Rolling Stock
#5: Railroad Barons
#6: String Railway: Transport
#7: Québec
#8: Upon a Salty Ocean
#9: London
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