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Hiding Tiger
Western Australia
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Grrrrr aaarrrggghhh
On the season of horror and joy
In the event that I manage to sign up for a Questionable Santa or a BOB or a T.O.S.S.E.R. or any of that seasonal skullduggery, I am of the opinion that it's the thought that counts. Postage Down Under can be rather overwhelming for you northern hemispherians, so the concept of good things coming in small packages is probably a wise one.
A little bundle of wtf will appeal to me far more than a conventional gift.
Also, since postage really is likely to scare some of you off, I will happily cover that cost. Contact me via BOB or other communal account, or via the organiser, and we'll find some way for me to get you a prepaid postage voucher or something.
And I do have a Sony eReader, so ePub (preferably) or almost any other electronic format stuff is good too (and avoids postage costs). I play D&D 3.5ed, and Pathfinder is mostly compatible. I sometimes DM, so generic source material is always useful. I'd love to do something a bit off-the-wall - Alice in Wonderland or Discworld or something.
And read the comments on my wishlist items - a lot of them are placeholders for easier things that aren't in the database.

On the nature of my avatar

About my NEW avatar
I have my very own grenatar! Meet Crouching Thumbshield.
Thank you gren doogan! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

About my OLD avatar
My user name came before the avatar, obviously. So when I could afford my avatar I had to hunt to find something that fitted. I can't draw, so I needed to find a picture I liked. There were plenty of dragons - but none that cringed. I didn't want it really cute if I could avoid it. I eventually found what I was looking for in an old Dragon magazine. There was a cartoon series called "What's New with Phil and Dixie" by Phil Foglio. At one stage they had trouble with the most pathetic dragon I've ever seen - Growf. So, scanned and cleaned up and coloured in and rescaled to 64x64 pixels - there he was as my avatar.

I've since discovered the cartoons are available online. This is the one my original Growf came from (third frame):

The Joy of Bob
My SO and his daughter enjoyed my BOBmess so much that in 2010 they signed up to BGG just to be BOBbed, too. Here they are:
Mad Hatter & Dormouse
Western Australia
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