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Duane Bruun
United States
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I guess you could call me a long-time "gamer". I've loved games from even before I even knew the term "gamer" existed. My family would always have some type of game session each week. Much of the time it would be card games, so I've known how to play hearts, spades, pinochle, etc for my whole life. I still remember endless hours of playing Can't Stop! which my parents actually secured by sending in cereal box tops.

My introduction to "non-mainstream" games came my senior year of high school. A friend introduced me to Warhammer 40K and I played it for about 3 years before college caught up to me and I eventually sold all of my stuff. Around that time I got into the Star Wars CCG and played it for a few years before the license was pulled from Decipher.

That next year, I delved into Heroclix which melded my love of comic book characters from my youth with the imerging gamer within. I became a volunteer for the company and held many local tournaments as well as volunteering at conventions. I playtested the game for a year as well as most of the Horrorclix sets. While I did enjoy going this, the one thing I'm most proud of was helping to start the tradition of coordinating Clix For The Cure events every year in central Illinois where we run a day long event to raise money for breast cancer research.

I played Heroclix for 6 years until Topps closed down WK. Looking back, I tossed way too much $$ into this game but it did introduce me to many of my closest friends today from around the country (including the best man at my wedding). It was because of HC that I first went to GenCon and suddenly realized what all the gaming industry had to offer.

Now my gaming hobby is usually made up of my wife and I playing a game at night after the kids go to bed, playing games with the kids on the weekends, or ocasionally having a couple of our friends over for dinner and gaming. While I'd love to get involved in a gaming group, most of the gamers here in town are more interested in running RPG campaigns that just getting together to play a wide assortment of games. I've tried to get involved in RPGs but have found they are not really my cup of tea and I have a hard time being able to commit to a long running campaign due to having 4 kids with varying schedules.

In all, I absolutetly love BGG and it has definately helped me research games before buying that really fit my life well.
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#1: Stone Age
#2: Carcassonne
#3: Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age
#4: Ticket to Ride
#5: Zooloretto
#6: PitchCar
#7: The Downfall of Pompeii
#8: Talisman (third edition)
#9: Warhammer Quest
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