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J Chav
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In 2010 October, I decided to start a get together. Everyone is welcome and it's free to the public! You can check it out below.

Salt Lake County Utah Quarterly All Day Gaming

For Santa

Item for Geeklist "2011 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa sent me..."

The Chavs
United States
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I manage my families collection here mainly so my guild can see what games I have access to.

Most of the games on my trade list are games I like but aren't played a lot. I'm listing them to see what options are out there. Don't feel bad if I reject the trade. Try me again in a month and I might change my mind.

My ratings are based on my preference to play in the perfect scenario. (i.e. I'm at a convention with the every game I've played with the perfect players -1. Which table do I sit at? If that one isn't available which one next? and so on.)

Top 10 would include my preferred 10 games to play. I will only list the highest rated expansion/base.

Hot 10 is the games that actually make it to the table.

I grew up playing all the kids games and I remember loving Hi-Ho Cherry-O. Moved into the next area with Monopoly and such. Learned Magic & D&D and started playing Axis and Allies every weekend. Eventually moved on to creating my own games with my friends using a clue board and a similar idea to HeroQuest or Warhammer Quest.

Moved into heavy computer gaming for a few years and finally came back to boardgame when we starting playing Settlers of Catan. My family went crazy and over the last 3-4 years we have been buying up games that interest us. We will play 1-5 times a month with each other and right now our core game is Power Grid.

Our neighbors invited us over for BSG and we recently finished the series. I almost didn't go but figured I better since my wife was making friends. Great game and we try to play it once a month.

Our other neighbors like lighter games and San Juan is pretty much a staple over there when we do dinner, games and a movie.

I have a daughter a son. My daughter (4 years old) is just starting to learn games like Memory, Hi-Ho Cherry-O and the such. My son (2 years old) is too young to really do anything more then watch.

My wife is willing to play games most of the time but not always. There are a few games she likes but burns out quickly on them.
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Top 10
#1: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#2: Tichu
Hot 10
#1: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
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