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Daniel Niemann
Hagen a.T.W.
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Hello and welcome to my profile!

My name is Daniel, I'm 41 years old, married, two children (10 and 7). I live near Osnabrück at the foot of the Teutoburg Forest (that's less than two hour's drive from Essen). I work as a lowly (and poorly paid) graphic designer and am a singer in a rock band.

I attend a weekly game night at my FLGS, the Spieltraum in Osnabrück. I also game with my wife (our favorites are the Kosmos 2-player games as well as Dominion and Pandemic and other co-ops). And we also play quite a lot of games with our children; the family favorites are Maus und Mystik (we've completed the base game as well as Heart of Glorm, and I'm currently painting the Downwood Tales minis), King of Tokyo and Die verbotene Insel as well as Die Siedler von Catan and Talisman. We also game with two couples on a bi-weekly basis.

I've been a gamer all my life. I got wet eyes every time I saw the 'MB präsentiert' commercial. I started with Slotter and the inevitable Monopoly as well as Spiel des Lebens, then moved on to Role-Playing Games (Das Schwarze Auge, Mittelerde Rollenspiel, Traveller, Beyond the Supernatural mostly). I played BattleTech for days on end when the german version came out (while listening to INXS's "Kick" – good times!). I had a brief brush with wargames (Harpoon, Star Strike) and discovered ameritrash with Heroquest, Blood Bowl (Second Edition) and Space Hulk (a love affair that has stood the test of time).
I started to play more and more PC and console games (which I have all but given up on since I have kids – I don't have that kind of time anymore), but I moved back to boardgames with the advent of Settlers and El Grande. When I met my wife, we started playing two-player games like the Catan Card Game. My collection has exploded since.

I am burnt out on themeless eurogames (notable exceptions exist, but you won't catch me playing Macao) and look for a fun experience rather than a contest of the mind. I am leaning towards the Ameritrash for that reason. I also like card games and the occasional abstract. I am also quite fond of cooperative games. And I have discovered that I like negotiation aspects of games, and games with traitors (Resistance/Avalon et al). And also dice. Ooooh, dice. Dice love me back, as a matter of fact.

I adore games with good components and like to improve my games component-wise. I have started painting miniatures with Space Hulk (3rd Ed.), gotten much better with the Talisman minis and now am almost done with Dreadfleet. My Mice&Mystic and Descent miniatures are painted as well.

I sometimes write for a blog on www.spieltraeumer.de (in German). Please do visit.
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Registration Date: 2008-01-30
Last Profile Update: 2015-06-24
Last Login: 2015-10-07
Country: flag Germany
State: Niedersachsen
Town/City: Hagen a.T.W.
Website: www.spieltraeumer.de
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Top 10
#1: Space Hulk (third edition)
#2: Mice and Mystics
#3: Pandemic
#4: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
#5: Star Realms
#6: The Resistance: Avalon
#7: King of Tokyo
#8: Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
#9: Ascension: Deckbuilding Game
#10: Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
Hot 10
#1: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
#2: Mice and Mystics
#3: Legends of Andor
#4: Arkham Horror
#5: Ascension: Storm of Souls
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