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DEAR SANTA: My wife sent a message saying that some packages have arrived (big and small as you said). I can only guess that this is your doing, but I'll have to wait until I get home to make sure, oh how slow the hand of times moves when you're waiting for something... Let me say in advance: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I quite enjoyed our communication and hope the Karma gods will reward you in full. I will add an item to the Geeklist when I get home and unwrap them.

DEAR SANTA: I did not yet receive anything, maybe tomorrow? If tomorrow then I'll be at work anyway, so there won't be any spoilers until I get home. I tried to play Countdown solo, but got slaughtered in the first area (badly shuffled deck + rules inconsistencies). My weekend was okay. Yes, Ajax won, but let's see how they fare against FC Barcelona this Tuesday.

DEAR SANTA: We do celebrate Sinterklaas, but not quite yet with our own family; our son is still too young to properly understand what's going on. Next weekend we are celebrating it with my parents, brother (1) and sisters (2) and their families (3 significant others + 2 children). Great theme for a game is a tough one, I enjoy lots of different themes, fantasy a bit more than space I think. I'm always interested in themes that haven't been done to death. I've recently gotten a hold on Countdown: Special Ops which is about rescuing hostages, defusing bombs and killing terrorists. It's no Christmas theme, but it's certainly interesting to see something else for a change. I'm glad I moved away from the naughty list, I try to be a good boy and give love and comfort to those around me. I'm anxious to see what will arrive and promise to only open them up once I have both and I'm glad you took the time to add a personal note, makes it just the more special for me. Last year I got a note from Spain, I wonder where it will come from this year.

DEAR SANTA: I enjoy association football mostly. I play it myself and I like to watch it, especially Champions League matches and our own Orange team. I did see them play, what a horrible game, but oh well. Of all Dutch teams I like Ajax best because of their attacking style of play. I do like a lot of other sports, but I don't watch them as intensely.

DEAR SANTA: It's tough to choose an absolute number one, but I guess it's Ramblin' Man by the Allman Brothers. The radio in my car is broken and I can't change the CD. Lucky for me before it broke I had inserted a CD with great classic songs and this is on it. I never get tired of hearing it and I guess that's a good way to gauge the quality of a song. It's not about the lyrics I would say, I just like the sound of Duane Allman's guitar riffs. I do read reviews from time to time (no writer in particular) and I watch quite a lot of video reviews actually. I like the Top 10's by the Dice Tower, mostly because the interaction between Zee, Tom and Sam is hilarious at times. I'm also a big fan of Watch it Played because I like how Rodney enjoys his hobby with his family. Rahdo's runthroughs are also quite nice to get a good quick feel of the gameplay.

DEAR SANTA: I just tend to like a lot of different music, it mostly depends on the time and place. At the end of every year a Dutch radio station organizes a "best song of all time" competition for which I always send in my votes. I'm always surprised at how many songs I pick from before I was born like the Beatles, the Hollies and Creedence Clearwater Revival to name a few. My best review is always the latest, in this case I think it was about The Cave. For the next issue I'll probably write about Countdown: Special Ops. The weather was pretty grey, but dry, so we went out for a long walk to catch some O2.

DEAR SANTA: My nickname comes from some people who started to call me Davio, just an Italian twist on Dave (not that I'm Italian). I actually have the day off for an extended weekend, but usually I would be at work at this time. The first time I went to the Dutch Dominion championships in 2011 it was with a couple of friends. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go alone the year after and to my surprise I won. For me it was just a way to get to play a game with people who enjoy it as much as I do. So while it may seem competitive, I wouldn't have gone if I didn't enjoy myself as well. We have a young family, our son is 15 months now, so we don't always have much time ourselves and when we do, my wife likes to relax more than anything. So anything more complex than Lost Cities is just not for her right now. As I said, our son is now 15 months and he's just learning to walk. He is as naughty as his father was and as curious as his mother, so he's quite a handful. Put a picture up of me and our son, he's about 11 months at the time it was taken.

MAE GOVANNEN SANTA: I don't look specifically for top 200 games, but I guess I have the same taste as many others on this site. When I look for a new game, I try to look for either a game which does something I like exceptionally well or a game which fills a hole in my collection. Games like Legends of Andor and Eldritch Horror fill the void of the missing adventure game; these are games which can create a lasting experience that you might remember many years later. They tell a story in which you and your companions can be the hero. Games like Manhattan Project and Carson City do the "worker placement thing" very well in my view. I play games in multiple settings. I don't have an actual group at the moment (still looking for a new one), but I go to an occasional gaming day with fellow geeks where I can play games that are more complex. I also enjoy games with my family (mostly party games like Dixit and Telestrations) and my wife will indulge me from time to time (she likes "simple" games like Lost Cities and Jaipur best). So overall I enjoy playing games in all kinds of settings. I don't like snobs who don't like party games or elitists who don't think King of Tokyo should be high on The Dice Tower's people's list. Games are meant to be fun and that's the main reason I play them. Part of the fun for me is certainly in the challenge of "solving a puzzle", but a lot of it comes from enabling others to enjoy themselves. I enjoy playing the occasional solo game, playing with just my wife, playing with a small group and playing with the entire family.

DEAR SANTA: I have updated my Wishlist with more comments and plays. The reason I don't have My Little Pony Monopoly on my Wishlist or in my collection is because my collection can only sustain one version of Monopoly. I can't really get rid of the regular version my wife bought me, it would break her heart.

DEAR SANTA: I can assure you the street I'm living in is real. The reason it doesn't appear on Google Maps is because it has only been added to our small town a year ago. If you just enter the name of my town (without the street name) on Bing Maps, you can see the street there. Our house is quite new and as such our chimney is probably unsuitable for your jolliness. I'll be sure to leave a house key under our doormat just in case.
I love playing board games with my family and friends. Settlers of Catan is the granddaddy that rekindled my love for games. Since then I've been slowly amassing too many games.

Dominion has been a big hit for me. I've played close to 5000 games online and won the Dutch Championship in 2012. Lately I've taken a break from playing online although I still enjoy the occasional real life match. I plan to get all the expansions eventually and put them in a nice box.

Now that my son is born, I'm looking forward to spending time with him over some great games when he's old enough to play them.

I write reviews for a quarterly Dutch board game magazine called Spel! published by Ducosim.

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