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Dear Secret Santa,

I finally got back home!

As you gave a permission, I decided to open up the box you sent us and! I totally didn't expect to find so much awesomeness in one place! Two great games from the top of my wishlist!

Thank you so much Santa, not only for the great gifts, but also for the great communication - it's always nice when Santa keeps in touch .

I hope you will have an amazing Christmas experience!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.


Dear Secret Santa,

my family informed me that you and your elves secretly visited our home and left a mysterious package!

I am away right now,so can't inspect it, but I saw some pictures and the package is truly huge!

Thank you so much, Santa! Whatever you and your elves crafted - I bet it will be a great Christmas gift! I can't wait to see it!

Now, should I put away it safely until Christmas or should I open when I get back home ninja? It's up to you, Santa!

Thank you very much again, you are a truly great Santa!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.

P.S. I promise to write in a BGG SS 2014 geeklist in the following days .


Dear Santa,

I am really happy to hear from you! ( and I am sorry that I am not so great in answering shake )

It's good to know that you and your elves managed to solve this little misunderstanding, but I truly hope that it didn't cause any additional problems to you! Or did it?

I promise to wait patiently for the gift and I am sure that the contents of it will be fine and if not, well, that's certainly not the end of the world .

Santa, I hope that you are not too tired from all the Christmas "business". I am leaving some cookies to brighten your day ( I hope that you are not on diet or allergic to them ).

Thanks again for writing, it's always nice to hear from you!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.


Hello there,

Santa here, letting you know that I've made my list and I've checked it twice. You're not naughty, you're nice!

Now this Santa isn't used to delivering gifts to Lithuania so I've got to rely on the elves for help. The problem is that some elves have the right toys on the shelves but won't put them in my sleigh. Some elves just don't have many toys at all. I'm working on getting things sorted out.

I'll be writing again soon!


Dear Santa,

Not only you are contacting me, but you are also telling that I made the list of nice! I was pleasantly surprised, so read your message twice!

Oh, those elves, they are great at crafting toys, but not so great at distributing them, are they?

Please feel free to ask me any questions ,Santa, maybe I‘ll be able to persuade those elves or direct you to those who would be willing to share their craftings .

Thank you for contacting me, it‘s really nice to hear from you!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.

Edit: Oh, looks like I am so excited that I even started replicating your words. "Checked it twice" - "read it twice" - I see some pattern here . Sorry for my crappy rhyme, Santa modest.

Dear Secret Santa,

I am truly thankful to you for being my Santa this year and I hope that you will have an amazing experience while participating in this global event!

It‘s the 4th time participating in BGG SS for me and I can surely say that each time it brings me a different, yet amazing experience. I have to confess, Santa, that this time going to be a bit different too – I am way more busy than I used to be in this period of time. That doesn‘t necessary mean bad things as being occupied with various work/studies etc. assignments helps people to improve and become even better in their chosen speciality, doesn‘t it, Santa? I was thinking hard whether I should participate in this event at all, but I came to realisation that BGG Secret Santa is an important tradition to me and my family so deciding not to participate would definitely have a negative impact on our Christmas mood ! But don‘t worry, Santa – I promise to read every single message of yours and answer as soon as possible! Please, don‘t worry if I won‘t do it right a way – I appreciate your hard work and don‘t want to sadden you by ignoring your efforts so I will definitely answer! All in all, I may not be the best target this year, but I will try as hard as possible not to disappoint you!

Santa, I will be happy with any game you choose - I tried to put them in order of interest, but, truly, you don‘t need to worry about it as any game from my wishlist will make me happy and my holiday experience special! Also, I am up to surprises – feel free to choose the game which you feel could be the best fit for me ( event if it‘s not on the list!).

If talking about sending games to Lithuania – you can read a bit about it here ( or ask me, if something is not completely clear! ) : but all in all, Lithuania is an EU country, so you shouldn't have any problems if you choose to send game from European gaming stores. Of course, do what you think is best, Santa!

If you have any problems – feel free to contact me. As I said, I will definitely read your messages and answer as soon as possible!

I hope that you and your family will have a great holiday experience!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.

Welcome to my profile!

Who I am?
My name is Adelė and I am from Lithuania.

How I got into board gaming?
I started gaming.. well, actually, since I remember myself. Thanks to my parents I was growing up with the games. In my first years I played simple games as memory and dominoes. I played a lot of games with my grandfather, he taught me how to play traditional card games, checkers and chess.

After a few years, when I was a little bit more grown up, my family got some more games - Monopoly ( actually, first monopoly was homemade ) and Kris-Kros ( a la Scrable ). I had really great time playing these games with my family and friends.

Now.. I have discovered this awesome site and a ton of games. At this time I don't have a regular gaming group, but I play with my family and friends.

My gaming tastes?
I like various games. Even though I am playing games for a long time I truly got into this hobby just a few years ago. So my gaming tastes is just "evolving". At this time it's hard to say what I like most.

I love deduction games for sure, but I also enjoy dexterity, civilization, fighting,thematic and a lot more sorts of games. I especially would like to try some longer games - like Dominant Species, Runewars, Twilight Imperium, etc. but don't have opportunities to do so.. at least for now.

Recently played:

Some games from my collection:

Some games from my wishlist:

I am trying to rate my games using BGG recommended ratings:
10 - Outstanding. Always want to play and expect this will never change.
9 - Excellent game. Always want to play it.
8 - Very good game. I like to play. Probably I'll suggest it and will never turn down a game.
7 - Good game, usually willing to play.
6 - Ok game, some fun or challenge at least, will play sporadically if in the right mood.
5 - Average game, slightly boring, take it or leave it.
4 - Not so good, it doesn't get me but could be talked into it on occasion.
3 - Likely won't play this again although could be convinced. Bad.
2 - Extremely annoying game, won't play this ever again.
1 - Defies description of a game. You won't catch me dead playing this. Clearly broken.

BGG Secret Santa 2014:
Look what I got! Thanks Santa!
BGG Secret Santa 2013:Look what I got! Thanks Santa!
BGG Secret Santa 2012: Look what I got! Thanks Santa!
BGG Secret Santa 2011:Look what I got! Thanks Santa!

My previous avatars:



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