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To Santa


Dear Santa,

Edit: geeklist is now up - https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/199309/item/4340354#item4... .

Merry Christmas!!

(awesomely made by BGG user wizcreations)

I finally got back home, after hell of a week ! Yay!

I'd like to inform you, that our family successfully inspected the package you sent us and we were completely blown away by your generosity! Truly, Santa, are you sure that you didn't mix things up by sending us not one, not two, but there awesome games from the top of my wishlist ?! I'm not sure whether I can express it with words , but my eyes poppet out of my head when I saw what you picked for us. I was "eyeing" these games for quite a while, but they are not easy to get in my country, that makes your gifts even more wonderful! All games will definitely be a great addition to our collection and they will surely be played a ton during holiday period .

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Santa, for being the best! Not only the gifts were super great, but I also loved every minute chatting with you and your taunts were awesome ( now I can wear a cool title - Geek "Z" cool ).

I hope that you have an awesome Christmas time and that your Santa was as great as you were for me!

All the best to you!!


Dear Santa,

I'm also very happy that the package came safe! And I have no doubt that the game you and your crew picked for our family will be a great addition to our collection .

I'm probably visiting my homeland this weekend and I know that checking out the contents of the package will be very tempting.. especially as you gave a permission! But should I do it, Santa? Should I rip it open? Or maybe it's smarter to stick with the original plan and open it up on the Christmas day? I'm not sure, Santa !

Anyway, I will also miss you, Santa . You really made this year's Secret Santa experience special for me - I loved your secret hints and taunts; and mystery geeks game you have set up was a complete blast!

Thank you for being such an awesome Santa! I hope you have as much fun as I do with this exchange! Merry Christmas!!


It's here, it's here, IT'S HERE!!

Mission successful - package is now safely sitting in my home!

Thank you so much for you hard work, Santa! Also, give my best wishes to all you crew, and especially you little helper elf - I might have scared him a bit.. Anyway, we don't have a Christmas tree yet, but as soon as we set it - the package will be put in the honorable place under the Christmas tree and will wait there to be opened on the special day! Do you have any special task for me to do until that day comes ?

I hope you will have an amazing Christmas, Santa! I thank you so much and wish you all the best!


Quick update!

I'm still working on a mission of retrieving the package from the Land Unknown . As I promised I contacted people who are holding the package right now and they explained me nicely how should I approach the situation. I filled all the necessary applications and they assured me that there shouldn't be any problems - they do not expect that the package will be opened in the customs or that I'll have to pay high custom taxes (if any!). Now, weekend just passed and I'm hoping to see some movement - in the best case scenario that package could possibly reach my home and if not, I should at least get a notice asking me to fill more applications ! Hoping for the best !

Oh, I still have no idea what's in the spoiler box , when the package comes/I get some info on its movement, I promise to delete your message, so your identity still will be a secret for me and I'll have no idea what's in the package until Christmas! Pinky swear!

Anyway, I want to say sorry that you have to deal with a bit troublesome target this year blush . I hope you are not worrying too much!

Best wishes,


EDIT: Santa, thanks for contacting me. I did not read the spoiler box and won't do it unless it's the only possible way! I'm not reading it! Noo arrrh!! Also, no need to be apologetic, I have no doubt that you wanted to provide me with the best experience possible and everything can still turn out to be fine, so let's not worry too much beforehand . I myself didn't expect that the package will get stuck in the customs, because my friends had some experience with packages from the USA and no such thing happened to them, so that's no ones fault!

For now, I'm sticking with my plan to call them (they provided a phone number to contact them in case something is unclear) and hopefully they will explain all the options I have right now. And if it turns out that the only way is providing them with the info you wrote in the spoiler box - I'll ask my family members to fill the papers, so I won't get to see it . In any case, I'm not ruining your surprise!

Thanks for co-operation and I'll keep you updated, but don't worry!

Dear Santa,

I got a letter from customs and they are asking me to provide a bunch of documents, including detailed description of items in the package, their prices, costs of shipping etc. so they could count taxes accordingly. Obviously, I do not have such info, so I'm considering just writing them and telling the actual situation, though on the other hand, I'm a bit scared that they may decide to rip it open and check themselves shake. I'll try to call them tomorrow and ask what's the best way to approach such situation .

Best wishes,


Dear Santa,


I decided to check out where the mysterious package was located and.. you should have seen my amazement, when I saw that it's in Vilnius, Lithuania already! It's not even a week since you sent it! Wow! Totally didn't expect it to be delivered so fast!

Do you have any special instructions on what I should do when it reaches me? Of course, as I mention before, it's going to be delivered to my homeland meaning that I won't get to see and inspect it right away but please let me know if there's something special to be done.

Best wishes,


Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for a tracking number! I'm eager to see what your elves and you, Santa, crafted for me and my family! I have no doubt it will be great!

I understand completely that you are very busy at this period of time, but in case you'll get an urge to tease someone - I'm always here for you !

Have a great day!

Best wishes,


Dear Santa

thank you so much for contacting me! I was starting to worry that something bad happened to you, so I'm really happy to hear that everything is fine .

Yeah, board game prices in Europe is way higher than in the USA (though I am not sure which places did you check?) . There's some places in Lithuania to buy games (I put a link to those in my original letter for you, so I assume you checked those out), but games are not that cheap. I myself have a target from the USA and I was amazed to see prices in USA online stores - I knew that everything will be cheaper, but didn't expect such a huge difference surprise ! Having this in mind, I completely understand your choice, but I can't stop thinking that shipping for you must have cost a fortune .

Anyway, I hope that your plan will work out and if you marked your package as a "gift" then I shouldn't have any problems with customs and taxes . Though it might take a while to reach me - in Christmas time post is way slower! But I promise to be patient also, I have much work to do until Christmas so I probably won't even notice time flying by .

As for the game - I'm always up to games! Though I'm thinking that it would be nice to keep the content of your package as a surprise - way more excitement when opening on the Christmas morning, what do you think, Santa ?

Thank you so much, Santa! I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.

P.S. How BGG Con went? I admit, I don't know whole lot about this event, but I hope that you had a great time !


Dear Santa,

how are you doing?

I read your helpers post in the flag counter thread and I'm really sorry that your taunt didn't work the way you wanted, but.. if truth to be told, I really don't think that you caused any harm at all by creating an account for your helper. I don't think that you did something wrong .

Please, don't worry so much, Santa!

Best wishes,


Dear Santa,

I updated my flag counter! I already knew that my old counter was "out of date", but for some reason I always postponed changing it, so thank you for giving me this task!

By the way, how are you doing Santa ?

Best wishes,


Edit: no worries Santa, I'm just having fun! I promise not to tell anyone if I find out who you are .

Dear Santa,

I'm so bummed that we only needed 12 clues - Lithuanopoly sounds super awesome! I tried to google it, but couldn't find anything useful, but I guess it's a super rare edition of a super cool game, isn't it? (just please don't tell me that that's just another remake of that old boring game no one cares about.. it's just.. sounds too cool to be it!)

Oh, I received 0 geekgold and distributed it along everyone in equal parts .

and one more thing - what's your favorite game, Santa whistle ?

Best wishes,
Adelė B.


Dear Santa,

I am having a blast!

I'm really thankful that you put your efforts and time to taunt me in such a cool way! I just hope that I'm a good enough target .

As for geek X - I'll definitely find him/her, just give me a little bit more time, please!

oh, and what about ?

A. Butenaite
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hm.. I think I know this little fella from somewhere, I just can't remember now from where exactly..


Thank you for clarification, Santa!

I worked a bit with the Geek Y and looks like there's only 8 candidates to this title, I hope I didn't miss anyone and the true Geek Y is among the people I listed . Clues for other two geeks are a bit "broader", so I'm not doing a list for those just now.

My parents are well, thanks for asking! They do like gardening, especially my mother, who is a very enthusiastic florist . Of course, at this time of the year it's a bit too cold outside for most of the gardening stuff. and.. table soccer, not so much, but table tennis is very liked among my family members . What do you like to do in your free time, Santa? I guess, you have quite a bit of time after Christmas period ?

Best wishes,


Dear Santa,

thank you for giving me more clues! I'm sorry it took me a bit of time to update the geeklist, but I promise to do it faster next time .

I have a question about current investigation - do the geeks I am looking for know that they are part of this ? As I mentioned in the geeklist, I had no doubt that Ludovic was the Geek Z, because he reacted so fast when I contacted him! I thought that he knows that I'm looking for him and was waiting for me to reach him .

Anyway, I wanted to let you now that I'm having a blast! It's definitely not easy, but I hope that with the help of BGG'ers we'll be able to figure out your riddle .

Best wishes,


Dear Santa,

I am confused! Yesterday I got a message from your account, but I assumed that it's not you who is writing, because of these words: "Mrs. Claus said I shouldn't give you any tasks during this period... But I'm on the Naughty List! hohoho! devil"
I thought that maybe some naughty elf infiltrated you office or reindeer decided to joke and I didn't really pay much attention to what's written.. but in the end it was signed "Santa" ! That's what caused my confusion! Is it taunt inside of taunt, Santa ? Should I do the task described there?

Anyway, I already created a geeklist you (or your elve/reindeer/etc.) described - https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/199519/help-me-find-these... . I hope it's good!

Best wishes,


Edit: I wanted to ask you, Santa, - do you think that my wishlist is good enough? I just skimmed through it and, yeah, I do have lots of new games there shake If you have any difficulties with it - please, tell me and I'll do my best to update it!

Dear Santa,

please, give me all the tests, tasks and quests you have planned! I want to be good and I'd really like to make it on the nice kids list! Oh, and a little distraction from the studies could be helpful - it's not healthy to get burnt out, is it? (though, I think you know it better than I do - Christmas period should be a crazy time for you, Santa! How do you manage that? Do you get some free time to play games ?)

You don't need to worry about the address I gave (but I must admit, I'm really grateful that you're so attentive, Santa!). I'm currently living in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius, but the address I gave you is the one of my hometown. I figured it would be more efficient - my house there will be all "Christmasy" decorated, so it will be way easier for you and your reindeers to find it and also we have built a small sauna for ourselves, so you'll be able to go and relax there after a long trip. Oh, I should mention, that I may go home for a quick visit at the end of this month/beginning of the coming month, so it's completely possible that I'll be able to meet you - I promise to have some cookies and milk ready!

If talking about the Robinson Crusoe game.. well, I must admit that I do not own this game anymore. I really really wanted to like it, but.. it just didn't "click" for us. Please, don't get me wrong - I'm extremely grateful that you gifted this particular game to our family, it was high on my wishlist after all! This was my mistake that I didn't research more before putting it on my list. I'm truly sorry and I hope you can forgive me, Santa blush .

Oh, about sleep - it's way better than it used to be, I do manage to get some decent sleep and some weird dreams (but that's a different topic ) thanks for caring, Santa!

Best wishes,


Yes, Lithuania!

Have you ever visited Lithuania, Santa?

Please, check the letter down bellow – I left you a tiny bit of info there, which may or may not be of some use .

As I written – I truly don‘t know whether I was a good kid! I hope so, but it‘s up to you to decide !

If talking about myself, actually I‘m still studying at the moment and it‘s taking all my time! I don‘t game very often, but our holidays is always full of games, also, I‘m lucky to have friends, who are also into gaming, so we tend to play games together, when we find some free time (though, admittedly, this doesn‘t happen too often ). I‘m lucky that my studies are fully funded by our government – that means that I don‘t have to feel extremely guilty if I dedicate some money to boardgaming. Oh, also, my brothers and my parents are also big gamers, so the collection you see in my „owned“ list is actually a cumulative product of our all obsession shake.
I‘m extremely happy to have such a beautiful family and I look forward to getting back to the homeland during the Christmas period

Thank you so much for contacting me, Santa!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.

Dear Santa,

I am truly thankful for you for being my Santa this year and I hope that you will have an amazing experience while participating in this global event!

I really hope that I was a good kid this year, but I'm leaving this for you and your elves to decide !

It‘s the 5th time participating in BGG SS for me and I can surely say that each time it brings me a different, yet amazing experience. It became an important tradition to my family and even though I'm going to be a bit more busy than I used to be in this period of time, I decided (and was encouraged by my family) to keep this tradition going !

Santa, I promise to read every single message of yours and answer as soon as possible! Please, don‘t worry if I won‘t do it right away – I appreciate your hard work and I have no intentions to ignore your effort so I'll definitely write you back!

Santa, I will be happy with any game you choose - I tried to put them in order of interest, but, truly, you don‘t need to worry about it too much, because any game from my wishlist will make me happy and my holiday experience special! Also, I am up to surprises – feel free to choose the game which you feel could be the best fit for me event if it‘s not on the list! Though, the one thing to keep in mind, is that I'm not familiar with foreign languages other than English, so English version of the game is the one I'm interested in .

If talking about sending stuff to Lithuania – you can read a bit about it here ( or ask me, if something is not completely clear! ) : https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/73279/item/2389591#item23... but all in all, Lithuania is an EU country, so you shouldn't have any problems if you choose to send from European countries. Of course, do what you think is best, Santa!

If you have any problems – feel free to contact me. As I said, I will definitely read your messages and answer as soon as possible!

I hope that you and your family will have a great holiday experience!

Best wishes,
Adelė B.


Who I am?
My name is Adelė and I am from Lithuania.

How I got into board gaming?
I started gaming.. well, actually, since I remember myself. Thanks to my parents I was growing up with games. In my first years I played simple games such as Memo (memory game) and dominoes. I played a lot of games with my grandfather, he taught me how to play traditional card games, checkers and chess.

After a few years, when I was a little bit more grown up, my family got some more games - Monopoly (actually, first monopoly was homemade) and Kris-Kros ( a la Scrable ). I had really great time playing these games with my family and friends.

Now.. I have discovered this awesome site and a ton of games. At this time I don't have a regular gaming group, but I play with my family and friends.

My gaming tastes?
I like various games. Even though I am playing games for quite a bit of time I truly got into this hobby just a few years ago. So my gaming tastes is just "evolving". At this time it's hard to say what I like most.

I love deduction games for sure, but I also enjoy dexterity, civilization, fighting,thematic and a lot more sorts of games. I'm open for various types of games!

Recently played:

Some games from my collection:

Some games from my wishlist:

I am trying to rate my games using BGG recommended ratings:
10 - Outstanding. Always want to play and expect this will never change.
9 - Excellent game. Always want to play it.
8 - Very good game. I like to play. Probably I'll suggest it and will never turn down a game.
7 - Good game, usually willing to play.
6 - Ok game, some fun or challenge at least, will play sporadically if in the right mood.
5 - Average game, slightly boring, take it or leave it.
4 - Not so good, it doesn't get me but could be talked into it on occasion.
3 - Likely won't play this again although could be convinced. Bad.
2 - Extremely annoying game, won't play this ever again.
1 - Defies description of a game. You won't catch me dead playing this. Clearly broken.

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