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Matt Mattlokk
United States
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Hmmm... what else... I am a (former) 30 something from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. My Wife and I have two girls (8 and 10), two bullmastiffs, and two Persian cats. They like games too (kids and wife, not sure about the pets). I have a BS in Business Management & Human Resources from the U of M and Metro State University and a GRI in Real Estate. I am employed as a Director of Human Resources & Staff Development and licensed Realtor.


Hobbies: Board/RPG/Video Gaming (imagine that), going out to dinner (Outback Steak House is a particular favorite), golfing (little white ball and disk), hockey (MN Wild), football (MN Vikings), playing with my kids, throwing parties (tending the bar), miniature painting, game pimping, volleyball, weight training, happy hours, watching movies, quoting movies, vacationing, and a long list of un-mentionables.

Books: Elric Saga, Black Company, Death Dealer, Dragon Lance... I wouldn't say I'm a big reader. The fact is I only read in bed and find reading a great sleep aide. I enjoy it, it just puts me to sleep. = )

Music: Green Day, The Offspring, Iron Maiden, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Violent Femmes, Paramore, The Black Keys, Kevin Rudolph, Asia, Rob/White Zombie, Misfits, Boston, Pantera, Pendulum, Metalica, The Faint, Blue Oyster Cult, MGMT, Van Halen, Depeche Mode, Dope, Foo Fighters...

Movies: Inglorious Basterds, Snatch, The Big Lebowski, Very Bad Things, Conan the Barbarian (classic, not the shitty new version), Fargo, Braveheart, The Shining, Dumb & Dumber, Gettysburg, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Darkon, American Movie, Ronin...

Television: Game of Thrones, The Office (classic episodes mostly), Making a Murderer. Other than that, I mostly watch channels (History/History International, Discovery, Military, ESPN/NFL/NHL networks, G4, etc...


Personality Type

ENTJ — The "Chief" 4% of the population

ENTJ Chiefs are natural and decisive leaders. They are analytical, efficient and hard working. They live in the world of ideas and have a great ability to debate. Their goal-oriented and self-confident nature enables them to take charge. They thrive on achievement. Why does my personality type kind of sound like an asshole?

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Registration Date: 2007-12-07
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Country: flag United States
State: Minnesota
Town/City: Minneapolis
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