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Greg Cornell
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Stikfas Animate Better Than Legos!
I’ve played board games my entire life and I’ve always had a large supply of the mass market games. I also played the very geeky war games quite a lot but found that those never made it to the table when I got older because they take so long to play. Then I discovered Euros and the passion that I already had for board games simply exploded into a very large collection – although I see it’s quite modest compared to many that I see here on BGG.

I grew up wanting to work in special effects on major motion pictures –or– play drums in a very successful alternative rock band. I studied animation and played drums in college and also made films and animations for the band which we projected while we were on stage. The band wasn’t very successful and I never made it to the major motion picture industry.

Years later I had the itch to animate once again, but I was looking for subject matter. I know how to crack a joke, but I’m not the funniest writer who can make interesting and funny animations. Then I saw some pretty nice how-to-play videos here on BGG and the answer came. Combining 2 of my passions seems like the obvious answer. I found Stikfas figures and immediately looked at them with an animator’s eye. They have many points of articulation which make them perfect for my videos.

I call my animations Stikfa-mations and they seem to be getting some pretty good responses. I love board games much more than video games because they are tactile and I can move little things around a board to work on a strategy. I can socialize with people while doing it and even if I don’t win – I am enjoying myself the entire time.

Stop-Motion Animation is also very tactile with miniatures that I can move around. I believe this contributes to the appeal of my how-to-play videos. There is something to seeing this low-tech approach to these analog games that seems to resonate with people. I won’t use Photoshop or other digital effects in my animations. So you may see a string holding something up or coins underneath dice that need to rise up or bits of cardboard to flip tiles over. I believe it just adds that analog touch to the analog games in my.....um, digital videos.
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