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Stephen Coney
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I'm an American living in Croatia with an English wife and three little boys who are less little every day. I teach Old Testament and Church History at a small college.

I love my Croatian home and my American homeland independently of the decisions made by my fellow countrymen.

Besides Risk, my gaming started back in 1983, when I found "The Complete Book of Wargames" at the local library. I played Avalon Hill classics, Gamemaster games, and some RPG's through the 80's. I was in the middle of a serious speculative kick regarding ancient military history (What if a large Viking raid landed in ancient Egypt? What if Crusaders had had to fight in Medieval India?) when I found a little booklet about minature wargaming. I was entranced by the flexibility of miniatures wargaming, immediately went to a historical wargaming convention (Derby World Wargames in 1996) and spent all my birthday money.

The next big step in my gaming life was when a co-worker introduced me to Magic: The Gathering. It's an amazing game, but I fear that it delivers so well in its ability to allow a player to develop ideas in a complex environment, that its ultimate role in human history will be to absorb the attention of many of the world's most creative and intelligent people and focus it on something which is ultimately trivial.

I love games as story - which is why I like a strong theme. It's also why I don't always like elegant euro-mechanics. They can prevent a game from being a good simulation, which destroys the story. Runewars is a good example of this. It has some great mechanics, but the mechanics artificially prevent players from taking actions that they would normally be able to take if the game were a simulation of reality.

I now find myself cycling from minis to Magic, to boardgames over and over. It's all good.

Ps. Please do not infer from the fact that I have a "Steampunk" microbadge that I'm into wearing old hats and goggles or attaching random brass devices to my clothing. For me, the badge refers to Victorian Science Fiction, which is a different animal and is certainly not a fashion statement. Think Space 1889.
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