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First of all, forgive my english! blush

Historician, Tolkien's fan, proud father of two and willing to play all the games that wait in my closet.

I've taught History for almost ten years and I've used games sometimes to "show" young students different points of view on military, political and cultural History.

I like Tolkien (probably the best writter of the 20th century) because he was able to get epic and mythology again in the front line of literature and culture.

My "relation" with boardgames started when a member of my mom's family gave us a bunch of new games from the company he was working for, CEFA. This boardgames became a new world for my 5 years impresive mind.

Then, a few years later my father bought the game Risk and that was the real beggining for my hobby. I loved boardgames (especially those with maps and military units all around them) from that moment. Later, in the high school, I discovered role games and a "club" to play. There I foind the first Avalon Hill's games in my life: Civilization, Diplomacy, Kingmaker, Kremlin.

In the university I saw the big possibilities opened by the use of games as a tool for teaching and learning. The way a game can attract atention is incanculable. So, after some resistance from the "older teachers" (almost all) I could do some progress in minor degrees and masters.

Yes, I love board games and role games for many different things but, specially, because they give the sense I can change History or be, for a while, another person in another world. And that's great.

What kind of games do I like? Actually I prefer strategic games rather than abstracts because I like playing on maps and moving token representing "units" or "armies".

In the last six years I've changed the lenght of games I like. Now I look for shorter games (no more than two hours a game) because I cannot spend more than that play (family time limitation!).

I like all playing systems. I find interesting almost all (card driven, eurogames, whatever), so I am an easy one in that aspect.

PS: The avatar I use is a picture of me as Sherlock Holmes in London, last november.


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#1: Advanced Civilization
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#8: Thebes
#9: World in Flames
#10: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
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#1: War of the Ring (first edition)
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#3: Battlestar Galactica
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#5: Diplomacy
#6: The Siege of Jerusalem (second edition)
#7: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#8: Hispania
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