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I am back!

*A* *Solitaire Wargamer & a General Wargame Collector*

Geeklist of my Solitaire Game Reviews.

Sorry, I will not be updating my geeklist of reviews on BGG ever again, if you are interested in future reviews, subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcxm4aVuJpKjhcNeMm0vWCw and I will be certainly updating there if I boot up the reviews again. I have decided not to support a forum that doesn't care about its contributors and treat them like crap. A forum that treat users as a way to make money and discard them if they don't conform to the site's moderators and owner's opinions. Its their site and they can do what they want to.

"There's nothing so stubborn as a Buddhist, nothing so stupid as a priest. I mean, what's he worshipping? Gods? I met the gods - bloody boring bunch!" (Monkey)

About me:

I am studied in Mathematics and Physics, specializing in Quantum Electrodynamics (not surprisingly my favorite scientist is Richard Feynman and probably not helpful to anyone.) I am a lay Buddhist now, but had a short stint at being a bhikkhu for 2 years of my life. I am a professional photographer and teach photography at all levels (see link below to visit my online gallery), I use to be a Photographic Gallery Curator/Owner. I am well traveled with my photography and have been to every continent on the planet and even been to the shores of Antartica. I am a writer, having had a column for the local newspaper for a few years (Urban Jungle, South China Morning Post). I have radio experience, having had a regular program on animal news and health (RTHK 2). I even had a regular gig on a children's television show. I have in-depth knowledge of history and philosophy of science, I am a wargamer from way back and collect wargames obscure & solitaire boardgames, I am a camera & lens collector and have a pretty vast knowledge of most camera/lens systems new & old, I am also a lover of fountain pens and inks and I am a Veterinary Surgeon in small animal practice, having practiced both in Australia and Hong Kong, currently residing in Hong Kong, apart from dogs & cats which are the main fare of any small animal practitioner, I have a special interest in exotics, in particular rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish & chinchillas. I have a pretty vast knowledge of aquariums & aquaria, having been interested in fish-keeping all my life and worked awhile for a local aquaria as a vet, which included sharks, walruses, dophins & whales (I am particularly good at marine quarantine protocols). I am a darn good dog trainer & groomer, my dog, an Afghan Hound is a champion in both Australia & Hong Kong. I have vast experience as a dog/cat owner & husbandry having owned well over 50 in my life thusfar and still counting. I am an expert at most other small animal pets people keep, I've kept birds, lizards, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, just to name a few. I also have extensive experience in the restaurant/food industry here in Hong Kong, and food franchising experience globally. I like to oil paint but my tool of choice is oil pastels. I am currently trying my hand at being a play-tester for boardgames. I am a cave scuba diver. I know my flight simulation, having gone as far as constructed a Boeing 737 cockpit for flight simulation. I am an avid skier & pretty good ten-pin bowler (high score 278) as well. I grew up playing computer games starting from the VIC 20, C64, Amstrad, Atari, Amiga, XT, AT (Consoles too), so I know my computer game history & evolution. I am an expert at Quake and Quake II, ranking 16th in the world at one stage, I am pretty good at most FPS as a result. My favorite game of all time is Wasteland on the C64 & I deeply miss my killer monk from Bard's Tale II. I know my AD&D 2nd edition rules very well still. I am a shark in most forms of Mahjong. I use to be a licensed Blackjack & Baccarat dealer. I was a bartender during my younger days. I can pregnancy test cows with the best of them and have experience collecting sperm from stallions. I am avid hiker and have fair outback survival knowledge. I am an expert at crossbows and a fair skeet shooter. I can teach meditation techniques. I know how to embroider & cross stitch and have a fair knowledge of the garment production & industry (that was my mother's vocation) I am a fair cook but a real flair when it comes to Vietnamese food. Recently I've started my own dine-at-my house business both for some pocket money and simple cooking more professionally. I have also taken up miniature painting more seriously and have started collecting and painting miniatures from fantasy, futuristic and WWII. I've taken up women's make-up as an adjunct to my existing painting skills. Lastly I know how to play & teach Magic Realm & ASL.

I hate it when people ask me what my interests are... I don't even know where to begin.

I even know a thing or two about the opposite sex... but I freely admit I am not an expert at Busen Memo, don't know my left from my right.

At your service.

More about me:

A real unplugged gaming whore. Will play just about anything, but do specialize in solitaire games mostly (340+ solitaire games many of which are wargames.) and I am a wargamer at heart. I am fluent at most popular Euro games also.

If you are from Hong Kong too, do geekmail me!

A little about my rating system for games:

1) I will only give 1 or 2 points for games that are broken!
2) I will change ratings depending on new rules/variants tried and mark these changes in my comments.
3) 3 points means: Do not buy! This is crap in its current state.
4) 4-6 point games, please read the comments, some games are actually quite good, but my ratings need to put into consideration other factors such as quality of pieces and scope of the game and the relative score of other games. So even though I may give a game a score of 4, it doesn't mean is bad. So read the comments I make.
5) 7-8 point games are outstanding games, safe to buy if you like the theme and after reading a few more reviews and you still like the game. I like these games and will play them regularly.
6) 9-10 point games are legendary and should be seriously considered and I consider must haves.
7) Games that don't have a rating, just need another play before I add one, so I will add more as time goes on. I have played 95% of all the games on my list by the way, I just want a fresh perspective before adding ratings and comments to my newly formed list.

Disclaimer: Remember that I am a solitaire & wargames lover, so my opinion will be bias towards these games. BUT, I do have lots of experience in these two areas and hence my ratings will be based on this experience.

Avatar: My fondest memories all rolled into a single 60x60 pixel photo. Long live C64 + Amiga 500 + Girls with nice racks. The Uberbadge is my tribute to truth of the God Particle.
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Registration Date: 2007-02-16
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Town/City: Happy Valley
Website: http://hkcamera.wordpress.com/
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