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December 26/2015

Super excited, ripped open the wrapping yesterday and found this to be my secret santa gift...

Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

Thank you so much secret Santa... can't wait to get this to the table.

December 15/2015

I received my Secret Santa package yesterday. Still in the cardboard shipping box, waiting to be opened on the 25th. I don't believe the presents are wrapped, so I am not going to open the cardboard box just yet.


December 28/2014

So Christmas has come and gone and with all the stuff going on, I finally have a quick chance to upload what my BGG Secret Santa gave me.. and I am quite surprised and impressed and grateful.

Here is a picture of the gifts unwrapped!

Imperial Settlers, Coup, Monopoly Deal, Carcassonne: The flyer expansion, and Dungeons and Dragons: Inn-Fighting dice game.

I am excited about Imperial Settlers, I hear it's a really strong card/engine build game, just heard that there also planned Expansions. Dice Tower's 2014 top 10 list put this as #10 on Sam's list and #3 on Zee's list. So it must be pretty strong.

Coup is a game I have hummed and hawed over, but never got down to buying, I don't even think I put it on my wish list, but I am happy to have gotten it, and can't wait to try it out.

THe flyer expansion for Carcassone was great, unfortunately I did already have it (and have yet to try it.. gah) but I passed it on to my brother who has Carcassone, but not this expansion, he was quite happy to have it.

I never heard of the Inn-Fighting dice game, I am completely clueless about it, so I hope to try it out some time soon, not sure what the expect.

Monopoly Deal is one I am a bit iffy on, I'll test this out on my kids, and see what they think.

Thank you Secret Santa, I was extremely surprised by the gifts, and very appreciative of all of them. I should also mention that my oldest daughter really liked your card (the cover having a spinning type ornament built in).

December 12/2014

My Secret Santa has delivered. The gift was dropped off at a FLGS that we both visit, so it worked out well for us. It appears to be a large gift with a few smaller gifts attached. I am stumped as to what could be inside and I desperately want to find out. But since it is christmas, I have to wait 2 weeks for the 25th of December in order to open it. These two weeks will be agonizing.

Here is a picture

December 08/2014

Secret Santa - Please message me (ASAP) back when the gift drop has been made at HW... Thank you

December 01/2014

Today is the first day of December 2014. Black Friday is done, Cyber Monday is on going, and the BGG Secret Santa is in full swing.

Santa just contacted me, and it appears we have a FLGS in common. Heroes World in Markham, Ontario.

So Santa, you wanted a response in my profile, here it is... You can leave your gift with Andre at Heroes World, just make sure you send me a message when it is available to pick up. I will retrieve it at my earliest convenience. Since I live about 30-40 min away, I don't get there as much as I used to when I lived in Markham, but I do try when visiting relatives.

So if you leave it with him, it may sit there for a week or two, if Andre is good with that, than so am I.

December 31/2013

Well it has been a busy week or so with christmas, not to mention that in Toronto, we had a severe Ice storm over a few days with rain and freezing rain. Completely covering everything with ice. Thick ice.. which meant many trees had limbs breaking apart, power lines were knocked down and much of the city was without power. As of this writing there are still some pockets that are going on 9 days without power. We were one of the few that were fortunate not to loose any power.

So as I posted earlier, my BGG Secret Santa came through, and here are the images I took as I opened his gifts.

The first image is of the three mini gifts he gave to allow me to guess who he is. A flag, a bag of candy, and a sucker. The flag took some research, I did not recognize it and immediately thought of somewhere in Europe. Upon further investigation I found it to be a Newfoundland flag. My great grandparents were from Newfoundland, and I have many relatives from the East Coast of Canada. So I felt a little stupid that I didn't know this. Although it is an "unofficial" flag. I wonder if Sheldon Cooper should mention this on his "Fun with Flags" youtube show.

Next was some various candy. My wife and I are steadily going through the "Assorted Kisses". A candy I don't have any experience with, however I came across them (by accident) today at Wal-mart. So apparently I can get them locally. The brain sucker is perplexing.

At any rate, I know my SS is from Newfoundland, aside from that, I am stumped.

Next was the first official mini gift. I opened it to find:

A mini Munchkin expansion... It's been awhile since I played munchkin, now I think I will have to get this back on the table soon..

Next was:

Small World: Cursed... A mini expansion for Small World. I really like this game, but find it hard to bring it out. Now I have more of a reason to push it. With attributes such as Were- and two new races like Kobolds? Eager to play again.

Now for the big box that had a rattle rattle sound:

Power Grid!

Wow.. wasn't really expecting this, but one I had been thinking about for a couple years. I have read the rules twice now, and have a bit of head scratching. Been watching a couple online videos. Now about to do a run through game with myself. From what I hear, my confusion is not unfounded, the rule book is one of the worst I have read, but the game itself looks very intriguing. I have several online cheat sheets and tomorrow is a big game day with my family. I am going to try my damndest to convince them to give this a try

Thank you very much Secret Santa. I really liked my gifts and the treats

December 12/2013

Yesterday I went out to get the mail, and what do I see a box upon my deck, there... uh... be... Ok. I am not much of a poet, or good with Rhymes, but my Secret Santa apparently is. My Secret Santa box arrived, and when I looked at it, the return address was... wait? what? it was to my fellow BGG friend
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Always believe
I went out there in search of experience, to taste and to touch and to feel as much, as a man can before he repents...
. At first I thought that the stars aligned and he was assigned me. Actually it didn't happen that way, my SS contacted him and got permission to use his address incase my package didn't get delivered, at least it would be redirected somewhere close by.

Anyhoo... So I opened the box (cue "What's in the Box" jokes here) and find, not one, not two , but 6 wrapped gifts. (one that shakes like a bowl full of meeples).

There was also a note: Harkith, what doeth thy notith sayith..h..h..h..

This is everything I received:

Below is the two page note that Santa left for me:

and page 2

Thank you Santa, I will be sure to post pictures after I open them on Christmas day! Although it probably won't be uploaded until the 27th or so... Just a forewarning.

November 15/2013

So the Secret Santa's assignments have been sent out, and you have me. How wonderful for me, and probably dreadful for you. Haha. ok.. kidding. I have an updated wish list right now with several #1s and #2s.

I would have to say that I am very interested in Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy and Seafall (Which is not out yet). However Jamaica also sounds very interesting, is at the top of my list. Any of my #1s and #2s would be great. Terra Mystica looks fantastic too, but is $$$.

I hope that there are games within your price range, I can honestly say that I didn't pay that much attention to the prices when choosing, but I assume there are some there that are reasonable.

I think I would prefer a new game this year as opposed to an Expansion. But I will leave that up to my SS, as I did put a few expansions on the list.

You have already contacted me, but feel free to contact me again if you wish. I will try to keep this space updated"



Update: December 26/2012

I was right in my guess, expansion to Last night on Earth... time to get some zombie goodness on!


Update: December 20/2012

Pulled the gift out of the box and put it under the tree. To my surprise there was a much smaller box in it. The note that came with it gives me an extremely strong hint as to what's inside

Thank you secret santa!!!

Update: December 05/2012

I just wanted to let everyone (and my secret santa) know that my gift came today in the mail. I have yet to open it, and will be in the minority of people who wait until Christmas. It will be painfull, but I will do it. Images to come!

Thank you Secret Santa, whomever you are, you're the bestest!!!

Original 2012 Secret Santa Msg

To my Secret Santa - I am so glad you were given me as your recipient. I am excited to find out what arrives on my doorstep, and I'll be so tempted to open it.

One word of advice. Please do not deviate from my wish list. A previous Santa felt that he knew better than myself what I wanted. His intentions were good, but by a fluke, I found out ahead of time and it created a moral dilemma that split people's opinion on BGG. I would rather not go through that again. So please peruse my wishlist. If you have issues, questions, or have a suggestion. Feel free to contact me via the Secret Santa account.

Thank you


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