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Ya'itz Yer'moov
United States
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All That We See Or Seem
Is But A Dream Within A Dream.

How I use the 'Geek:

1) I do not mark game expansions as "Owned". Instead I mark them as " Wishlist 5: Do not buy" and then list the link to the game expansion page in the comments of the base game. I do this so that when I look at the list of my "Owned" games it just shows me the options of what I can play. I know there are ways of filtering out the expansion data now, but I started doing it this way long ago and am too set in my ways now.

2) Games that are marked as Preorder are either games that I have actually preordered OR they are games projects that I am working on, whether I need to print and play them, or pimp them out.

3) My TOP 10 List is made up of games that I own and love, while my HOT 10 List is made up of games that I have on preorder and am excited to get soon.

4) I am a completionist collector of games, up to a point. I like to get every expansion and promo of a game, until that game gets carried away with expansions and becomes stupid, also known as "Catapulting the Meeple" ( I am SO done with Carcassonne.)

5) Believe it or not I am trying to cut down on my games collecting. I have enough GREAT GAMES that need to be played more, so why bother getting others? But then a game like X-Wing Miniatures Game comes along, and of course I just HAVE to get that... So it will continue to grow, but (hopefully) slowly. I feel like I have put together a pretty strong collection of fun thematic games. I do not like the bland Euros as much

6) I have no kids and am unmarried and I work odd hours so my main game group consists of my two co-workers during the week -- I got them ADDICTED to Tigris & Euphrates as well as Cosmic Encounter, D-Day Dice, Drakon, Tooth & Nail and many more.

5) I am getting into miniature painting lately. I just need to find the time. Also trying to figure out how to list my miniature collection here on the geek to keep track of what miniatures I have and which ones I want.

6) I am a recovering Kickstarter Addict. Valley Games D-Day Dice, all the Small Box Games, and the Reaper Miniatures Kickstarters are some of the best online shopping/auction experiences I have ever had in my life. While Glory to Rome Black Box was the absolute worst experience, not because of the delay, but because of the incompetence and absurd over-communication without conveying any factual/truthful information.

7) I am very loyal to my favorite game designers and game publishers. I will buy any Small Box Games and Plais Hat Games product that I can get my hands on. I used to say the same about Indie Boards & Cards, but Gauntlet Of Fools soured it for me. Fantasy Flight Games is my favorite over all publisher, I love Ameritrash mixed with Euro.

8) I mostly try to keep quiet online, perferring to get the info I need and move on. Sometimes I can't help but throw out some Dadaist absurdity into the fray. Lately I have been vocal about some of my Kickstarter addictions, all in the selfish hope of getting more people to pledge to up the stretch goal rewards . But mainly I just cannot help but be an Ambassador of Cool.

9) I love pimping out my games and really need to take more pctures of some of my finished projects.

Games I Own and Like Ever So Much=

Games I Pre-Ordered and am Looking Forward To=

Random Games from my Collection=

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Top 10
#1: Summoner Wars: Master Set
#2: Wiz-War (eighth edition)
#3: Dominion
#4: Rattus
#5: Claustrophobia
#6: D-Day Dice
#7: Galaxy Trucker
#8: Cosmic Encounter
#9: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#10: Hive
Hot 10
#1: Reaper Miniatures
#2: Airborne In Your Pocket
#3: Up Front
#4: Dwarven Forge
#5: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#6: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#7: Blood Rage
#8: Conan
#9: Zombicide: Black Plague
#10: Cthulhu Wars
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