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My first contact with wargames was in the early 80's when i bought, out of curiosity, Squad Leader from my local Kaissa Games store. I was instantly hooked and spent countless hours studying the rules and playing the game scenarios with a friend.

More AH/VG titles followed. Due to time constrains, i slowly moved away from monster wargames to more playable titles and then to even quicker playing Euros.

Although i also tried RPGs and Thematic games, i was not hooked by them, as i usually prefer more calculative games with small or no amount of luck - games were the success of your plans does not depend on a roll of a die or the flick of a card.

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Registration Date: 2001-08-28
Last Profile Update: 2014-10-27
Last Login: 2016-05-06
Country: flag Greece
State: Marousi
Town/City: Athens
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