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Roger Fawcett
United Kingdom
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Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
There's just one kind of favor I'll ask for you - you can see that my grave is kept clean
I am the father of four children and the husband of but one wife. Games are inflicted upon my family regularly, as well as my razor sharp wit and choice of music. They cope.

I teach in a private school in Liverpool. On Friday afternoons a rather ambitious idea to broaden the curriculum means that the school pays me to play board games with about a dozen of the lads for 2 hours. It's a hard life.

I am also a member of Shire Gamers in Stoke, England. I try to get there about twice a month and use it as an occasion to check out what's new, as well as to play golden oldies.

Top 10 are my current favourites:

Hot 10 and these pics are from my wishlist.

Recently played:

Dear Secret Santa (2014),

Massive thanks for joining in this year and being a Santa. It is great that you are my Santa and if you are new to BGG Secret Santa - welcome.

I have been a Santa for quite a few years and so I know that lots of information is best when you are deciding on a present. To that end I have tried to be as helpful as possible on my profile page.

I have edited my wishlist as I usually do, taking out any games that are rated 4 (there are a couple left in) and leaving in my most cherished wishes. A 3 means that I am keen on the game but probably want a little more information first; a 2 means I have played it and enjoyed it and would buy it if money were no obeject. '1' means I would sell my grandmother to get hold of it if she were alive.

Here are a couple of geeklists that I created whilst thinning out the wishlist. I would have found it hard to remember all the stuff that I was taking off so I dumped it in a list in case I want to put any games back on the wishlist later. The comments may help you, although the games are not really the ones I am aiming to collect.

Games that fell off the wishlist

In a similar way I took off the expansions to make less clutter on the wishlist.

Expansions wishlist for games already owned

This list is the story of my Secret Santa so far.

The story so far

The final thing to say is that I am a frequent visitor to Shire Games in Stoke, UK. I am good friends with the owner, Nick, who runs a BGG Secret Santa service. Please use him if you wish - it is really easy for him to hand packages to me personally because I see him a lot. He is also happy to advise on the kinds of games that I like if you want to stray a little off piste. His recommendations are as good (or possibly better) than my wishlist suggestions. I don't mind if you want to go that route. Surprise me!!

Once again a huge thanks,


P.S. do feel free to taunt or to give clues as to your whereabouts. I like to do a bit of detective work and guessing.

Dear Santa,

I'm pleased that BGG Secret Santa has started and excited by my first missive from Santa. Thanks for being in touch. You are like a lone star shining in the dark autumn nights. My children are fairly grown up now. Miriam is 24, Heather, 18 and Thomas, 15. We have one younger lad, Dougie, who is 7. We all like playing games, although I'm the real keen player. I hope you are able to get enough information from my profile pages.



Hi Santa,

Thanks for your message. I am intrigued and excited, awaiting with anticipation.


Edit to 18-11-14 - I've received notification from my FLGS that something has been delivered by the elves. Thanks in anticipation, Santa. Quick work.

Hi Santa,

You are so generous. Thank you for the geekmail telling me about another package. I am also trying to work out what the clue means. I love puzzles and cryptic crosswords.

A capital commuter for a city by a lake and a cuppa

The 'A capital' could be the letter. The cuppa might be 'te' (tea) so my first guess is Asante. But I can't see how the middle bit fits the city by the lake.

I'll keep thinking and posting here.

Thanks again,


Well I was totally wrong. Thank you, Santa. A large parcel arrived today from the US. Inside a game that is definitely not Asante unless it is really well wrapped. I need to go back to the drawing board and look at the clues again. Thanks ever so much for the tee-shirt, I shall wear it at the next opportunity, particularly a gaming night.

Cheers, Roj

P.S. ok - next guess - El Grande - the 'cuppa' could be the whole clue, like a grande that you get in starbucks. the L is the lake, can't figure out the E, is that the capital??

P.P.S. (26th December)

Hi Santa,
Thanks for your Geekmail this morning. I trust you had an excellent Christmas and that your own Santa was as kind as generous as you were to me. I have posted about your gifts here: Item for Geeklist "2014 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me..." . It is good to know that my second guess was right. I thought it was a a good clue and it inspired me to do the same for my own giftee.

Thanks for making 2014 Secret Santa a great experience. I wish you all the best for 2015.

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#2: Caylus
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#5: Le Havre
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#7: The Castles of Burgundy
#8: Railways of the World
#9: Istanbul
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#1: Viticulture
#2: El Grande
#3: Yedo
#4: Memoir '44: D-Day Landings
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