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Grew up in the 70's loving shows like Space 1999 and the Six Million Dollar Man and was always into Sci-Fi flix. Have always been a fan of the Star Wars and Star Trek saga's. In the early 80's my brother introduced me to Dungeon's & Dragons Basic Game and for many years after that I had a great love of Role-Playing games. During the 80's I was such into playing D&D and other RPG's that my grades in high school suffered because of it. . .role-playing was one of the only things that grabbed my attention.

Me and friends over the years tried many other games (TSR Marvel Super Heroes, Boot Hill, Twilight 2000, Traveler and many others) In the mid 90's I played my first game of White Wolf: Vampire the Masquerade and loved it but could not find a group of players that were as fond of as I was. . .the idea of prowling the night as a vampire or werewolf or warlock in the modern city just seem'd awesome. I've dabbled in MtG and Star Wars CCG by Decipher for a few years as well. . .

Also over the course of the 80's and 90's I tried creating my own RPG's and battle miniature games that me and my friends tried and some had some success while others didn't impress. Over the last few months (now July 2011) I have created a few games that are in a playable prototype
the first being "Battle of Champions" and the other "Dungeon Looters" you can find "BoC" pic's under Unpublished Prototype and Looters will soon follow.

In 2000 I was checking out this little known company called WizKidz and that they had this cool looking game coming out called Mage Knight and was instantly hooked and thus so began a new frontier of collecting these great miniatures. . .I was also very good at model making and could create pretty cool looking scenery pieces. After a year or so with Mage Knights I started playing D&D 3rd Edition for about 2 years and loved the new rules and feats that it brought to the table, it was by far the best Edition of D&D I played.

By 2005 I had been looking at Hasbro's HeroScape in the stores for a while but never purchased it until my son had got old enough to be able to play. Thus began a long and costly need to collect as much sets and figures as I could. I thought HeroScape was one of the best table top miniatures games to ever come to light and never understood why it was pulled from stores ( ie Walmart, Target, Toys R Us ect ) Once Wizards of the Coast got the right to it. It has such potential.

While messing around the web I ran into a POD cast site called "The Game Shelf" and they had this review on a game called "Citadels" and I was hmmm that looks pretty neat and while trying to find a place to order it. . I came across BGG and thus started a new love of board games.

Kevin "Ghost Boy"

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