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Yeah it's here! Really it's right here.

I love all types of games to some extent and think there are times and places for almost any of them.

My top 10 are my favs. Yes you could look at my ratings, but this makes it easier.

My hot 10 are the ones I'm Currently excited about trying OR wanting to get to the table again.

Ratings here are based on 'feelings'. How you feel about a game. I think those feelings are much like the first impressions you get when meeting people. 90% of the time we are correct about people when you first meet them. So, I will rate based on 1 play. On occasion, I don't have a great feeling one way or another. Or, I know that it may not have been the game, but the gaming experience that makes me feel that way. So, I'll wait to rate that game until playing it more. Cowboys is a good example of that. I didn't get a good feel for the game when I played it, so I haven't rated it. I do go through my ratings and adjust from time to time. I have 2 10's, it may even be that I enjoy playing some other games MORE right now, BUT they are the two games I feel I will always want to play, while I know I will lose interest in others over time. Warzone and Chronopia might have rated 10's with me too, but miniature gamers always want new additions to games, so I know I will not be able to get 'new' gamers into those games, so I know that in the future, I will have less interest in them due to lack of other players.

Starting 12/25/07 I've added an new rating. The Smell rating. Which is in the Comments section.

-soblue------------- = Bleak!!!! for mind splitting stomach wrenching
-------------- = ewwwwww! for nose tingling
-------------- = huh? for either a boring 'normal' card game smell or worse no smell at all.
-------------- = ahhhhhh! for just that hint of new game smell
-------------- = mmm mmm mmm! for that nirvanah smell of games

If you want to read a long synopsis of my gaming:
ASL and Micro Armor
I started gaming in the early '80s. I was introduces to ASL and other games of that nature. We played a few of the Yaquinto album games and Ace of Aces during lunch at school. The kids I was 'running' with also played micro armor. So, I start playing 'modern' with them (I played the Germans and had a sizable force). We went through a few different rule sets, it's been so long I can't even remember which we used the most. I also picked up the entire German WWII navy (it really wasn't hard to do) and played that with them. This is also the group that introduced me to Nuclear War. They were a couple years older then me, so they graduated and moved on (a few years later I gamed with them again in college).

So, then came the RPG years, the 'newer' group of friends just didn't get into ASL and other board games. But, they were interested in D&D. So, off into that world I went. We had this great DM that wasn't allowed to play D&D, but he did anyway. But, he'd have to sneak around with the modules. He would memorize the entire thing so that all he would have to do is carry around the maps. It was an amazing experience in D&D. Basically one character for over two years. Near the end we started up new, but I killed off my character (that's another story) and that campaign died shortly after. We played a little traveler for when we wanted breaks.

Off to college I went though and the gaming kinda died down. For about two or three years. During this time I had a commodore 64, so I played some computer games, but that's about it.

I finally meet up with some role-players and started D again. I had a room mate that was into it, so we played some. Then I started campaigning with a group for over 10 years. In total I had three characters in that world. But, during this time there would be lulls and I picked up the slack running a long Cyberpunk campaign. Plus, from time to time we would play Vampire. (I didn't like dice pool systems, so I'd only show up on occasion when they were playing this).

So my RPGing experience was over about 15-18 years with really only three groups with 'long term' characters. (Except cyberpunk, my games averaged one death of a character a gaming night in that system)

In the late '80s my RPG group started introducing other gaming options. We start Miniature gaming. I was all for that having played micro armor and a few historicals here and there I jumped at the chance. They started with Battletech, but I went wild when Epic Space Marine was introduced and got about everything for a massive Orc army. We of course had entered the world of GW, so that meant we jumped into Space Hulk and Blood Bowl (oh and some board game called Talisman) Then came 40k. I resisted that one, I really didn't want to get into it. But, finally someone just gave me a bunch of Chaos. 'The first one is free' and I built a large Chaos 40k army. But, I really didn't like 40k and someone showed me Warzone. This one was much better IMO. So, I tried to switch over the that. Although I did get them away a bit from 40k into Necro (of which I own about 80-90% of all that was released back then) But, by then one was an 'Outrider' so they were switching and everyone was staying with him. Over time, they moved away and Warzone caught on. I'm not a big fantasy miniature game fan, but a friend Dan loved Chronopia. I resisted until he gave me some stygian to entice me. Remember the first one's free (and now have something like 5 forces). The group started 'sharpshooting' for them, until they closed and started up i-Kore and Void. So, we went there for the legionnaire program. And started play testing and some edit work for them, until Excelsior reintroduced Warzone. Then half went back to Warzone and I stayed with Void. (So basically we could get free minis from both and see the play test rules of both, Dan was even a painter for excelsior). Unfortunately Excelsior and Void have gone bye-bye for the most part. Dan did give me some minis for Warmachine. The first one's free and I picked up a few to go with it. But, I'm not into fantasy and it's got to much of a fantasy feel.

So, a couple years back, the time to get together for miniature gaming was dwindling. I'd always had board games laying around and they have been a part of gaming, but have not been the focus. Even during the heart of my miniature gaming, we played a lot of SFB (even started a con just to have a rated Ace tournament, but that's a different story) And so I started a weekly gaming night with the theory that we'd play a mix board games and miniature games. I added some board gamers to the group and start pulling out board games, whenever we tried to play some miniature games, the board gamers would loss interest and stop coming. The Miniature gamers started falling off the radar and not even showing up and it's been only board games since then. I've been able to expand the group and I'm now building a board game collection. I'm enjoying exploring all kinds of different types of board games. Lately, I've been trying to pick up games others haven't heard of OR that I know they aren't going to want to buy and have been trying to leave the 'popular/inexpensive' games for others to buy.

17 % Nerd, 65% Geek, 47% Dork

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Top 10
#1: Nuclear War
#2: El Grande
#3: Belfort
#4: Imperial
#5: Power Grid
#6: Container
#7: Die Macher
#8: Industrial Waste
#9: Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
#10: Jenseits von Theben
Hot 10
#1: Graenaland
#2: Primordial Soup
#3: De Vulgari Eloquentia
#4: 1001 Karawane
#5: Masters of Venice
#6: Greed Incorporated
#7: Beest
#8: Dragonscroll
#9: Battlestar Galactica
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