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Autolux - Greg, Eugene, & Carla
11.15.14 - Been playing a few games every now and then with friends. Nothing heavy. Played Apples with Crystal and Steve in Dallas. Wanted to play CAH. Didn't have acopy there. So I bought the whole set. We played that with Mark and Pam a week ago. It was ok. Got to play Transamerica with my wife. That was a neat little game. Certainly worth the small sum I payed. Played EStratego with the boy. He should have won. He didn't. Had a little scare with an auction and slow response. Emailed one of the other winners, Mike Geller. He responded right away saying not necessarily to worry. Proof again that the user community on BGG is spectacular. One of these days I'll get around to meeting them.

03.01.13 - WOW - People do read my profile. I was contacted by a user from Portland who offered his sympathies for my boardgaming hiatus. I think it's cool, because my wife and I have recently been talking about moving to Portland after my son goes to college. We've always loved it there.

02.15.13 - Since 27 Dec 2012, I have spent more than $400.00 on boardgames. I have not played a single boardgame since 2011. Not one. The problem with boardgaming is that many of us are so introverted and so particular that finding people to play with is an issue. I'm sure no one reads this but me, but BGG really could use some BETTER tools to hook gamers up. Perhaps I just don't know what's out there. Even as I write this, I have $125 in bids on a BGG auction. I wonder if I need a 12 step program. I've also spent $400 on Role Playing games and dice over the last 3 years. I haven't role played in over 10 years.

12.27.12 - Organizing a CivV play by day game. If you're interested Geekmail me before 1.1.13.

12.19.12 - I've been thinking about dusting off my boardgame build. I still have some very steep issues that impact playability. I DO NOT want a 5 hour session of Monopoly, but the financial and accounting system is over the top. I could easily run this as a computergame, but that takes the fun out of the fiddly bits.
On a lighter note - I published a Geeklist today because I was thinking about the Jerk. The BGG crew quickly took it that direction full steam ahead. Made me realise, a person could do a geeklist to retell a story with boardgames. Might be fun.

12.15.12 - Made my 5 year geek anniversary. Not my real anniversary. I created the account 5 years ago so I could download and print a custom Axis & Allies map for my friend for Christmas. It wasn't until about 3 years ago that the BGG site became a must visit site for me.

09.14.12 - Summer is gone. Haven't played a board game in months...But the new house is awesome.

02.05.12 - Trying to move. Game build is paused till summer.

01.03.12 - Working on advanced rules, and handling of complex finances. I'm trying to build the systems so the flow easily, but I don't want something that comes across as an accounting game. It's is a very hard balance to achieve. I find myself sacrificing realism for playability, and trading immersion and depth for speed. I got 2 turns in solo, 2-player. Realized some gaps. The thing is complete enough that I've started to think of ways to break it. Unfortunately, I ran across a way pretty quickly. An accounting flaw that left the system open for abuse. I'm consulting a real world CFO to learn how the regulators regulate it in real companies. (Now you know more about my game.)
Still looking for playtesters. Need 1 or 2 or a group of 4. If interested and local, let me know. The game COULD support 8-12, but is built for 4 at the moment. If it plays well or has promise, I'll build the 5-8 player stuff. This thing is a monster though. And I am NOT a publisher, painter, writer, or planner. Just a guy with an idea and adventurous enough to try to build it.

01.01.12 - Playtesting tomorrow PM! Cancelled. Rescheduled for 01.03

12.18.11 - Still working on the boardgame. So much to do. I did a solo play test run, it resulted in a complete redesign on the tech tree, and loads more work. Had to redesign many components too. Looking like early January for an official playtest.

11.26.11 - Third update this year. So some time ago, I had an idea for - you guessed it - a boardgame. I've been cranking on this thing every single weekend (and most weekdays) for a few months now. I'm getting close to finishing the first working copy, and will start playtesting, hopefully the first weekend of December. I've already got a few hundred dollars in supplies wrapped up in this thing. A lot of waste as I keep refining the direction it's headed. I've been following the principle that if the idea seems complex, write it in as an advanced rule, and if it seems more complex than the rules already there, it should just be written off. Working so far. We'll see.

10.21.11 - two updates in one year?! Just returned from the Tulsa LAN Party (we call it the GTGW) Met a fellow BGG'r there (an old friend) and had my copy of Agricola just to generate interest. (and a lot of interest was generated.) Again, I've updated my top 10 (fav of all time) and my hot 10 (games I want or want to play).

09.21.11 - If you've run across this profile, You're likely either selling something or buying something because my presence on the BGG is almost exclusively auctions. I really enjoy participating and some really good deals can be had if you know what you're looking for and it's still in print! I haven't been as agressive in auctions recently, but I think it's because >20% of my games are unplayed.

I still think I should participate more on the forums, write reviews and such but never really want to do it when I have the time. I don't get a lot of the geeklists. I suppose I could get my reviews written though. If you are interested in my opinion, just review my comments about the games.

I'm still open to gaming with some locals, and some not so locals, but I have little desire to do a PBF game. I currently am organizing a play by day game of CivIV:BTS. (If you play CivIV, and want to join, SAY SO. Still about 4 weeks to kickoff.) After that, I'll be organizing the next LAN Party in Parker, CO for next July.

If you're into such things, my REAL personality type is an INTP. (Myers-Briggs) The INT part is probably pretty common on a forum like this, the P part is what sets me apart.
I've also discovered that the only people who generally care about personality types are NT's. Everyone else writes it off as some form of voodoo. I guess I should have been in HR.
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