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James Hamilton
United Kingdom
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I play almost any type of games. And over the years have played everything from miniatures thru hex games to RPG's, live action RPG's and euro games. The only type of game I steer clear of is collecatble games.

At present I am playing Flames of War as my main miniatures game with some Field of Glory thrown in as well various euro games, I seem to play different games every week so many games only see one play.

I used to play huge amounts of De Bellis Multitudinis miniatures but I have finally after 10 years weaned myself off that particular game. I also used to play a lot of World in Flames, playing a game that takes a week or more to complete even once is a major commitment, in my case playing the whole game probably more than 30 times probably should have seen me commited

I still play lots of euro games, mainly on my weekly game night at home. I also help with the running of Stabcon, one of the longest lasting games conventions in the UK.

I am the man who put the big bucks into Warfrog to get things going commercially. I ran Warfrogs finances from 2000 to 2005 (or Empires of the Ancient World to Struggle of Empires) so won't rate any of these games.

After a few years away from Warfrog I came back as a bona fide employee and director of Treefrog games. Martin has now decided that he wants to go it alone again so I have left the company once more. I live a simple life really.

At the moment my contributions to the gaming world are mainly in the form of running various conventions and tournaments.
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