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Have gamed for years now. Started with figure based wargaming, then role play, then hex and counter wargaming. Got into Euros during the 90's and have enjoyed them greatly however, I have migrated back to wargaming once again and in particular block and CDG wargaming as I like the usually low counter density 'fun' style games that can be achieved without the acres of chrome some of the 'beasts' have! Still like Euros but, less inclined to buy now prefering to spend on 2 player conflict stuff instead. It is apparent that the Euro's for me are a spent force and are in full flight from the advance of the wargames! Have bought a lot of older wargame titles as well as some reasonably current recently but, I need to put the breaks on a bit as the collection grew during 2013 by nearly 20%. Really enjoying playing fewer but, arguably better quality more immersive games now to get the most out of the gaming experience.

To my 2014 Wargame Secret Santa

Thanks Santa Grogs for my copy of Fading Glory...it is a game that I have played and enjoyed very much but, I have never got around to actually buying a copy for myself; so it was very much appreciated when I received your gift. It may well make it to the 200th anniversary of Waterloo this year for some impromptu gaming on the field of battle itself! Thanks again Santa Grogs!


Wow!...what a day yesterday was...I am blown away by the generosity that you showed in the games that you sent to me. You chose some great games of my list and I am just so really pleased with them all...thank you very much for the gifts they are all really appreciated. I really hope you and your family and friends had a great Christmas too and I am certainly wishing you a prosperous and very happy New Year ahead in 2014. Once again...thank you for making the Wargame Secret Santa....the first I have participated in such a great experience...it has, and shall continue to be, paid forward. Looking forward to WSS 2014 already...what a great experience! I will be posting on the appropriate geeklists just as soon as I can get some time to download pics and stuff and the relies have made their tracks homeward!

Cheers Santa Grogs


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