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Jonan Jello
United States
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I believe I become too bogged down in the thinking about what has happened, but refuse to be one who is oblivious to it currently happening

With a newly purchased Wacom tablet, I'm looking to help illustrate or conceptualize board games. If you're looking for a digital artist to help with your game, online comic, whatever, please send me a message.
I have summer's off and am looking for a meaty project to lend my creativity.

Mission Peak, Elevation 2,516'(767 m)
Sunday, 1-25-15
My awesome family. I'm nothing without them and they make me most proud of myself and fulfilled in life. Great kids, even better wife

My wife and I teach and have the same vacation time off, so we spend most of our free time hiking, camping, walking our Goldendoodle, and enjoying time with our three children. I introduce family gaming as much as possible. It's interesting to see what games click with my wife and each of my children:

John - Loves Dungeon Twister and Blueprints. He is the original Heroscaper in the household. He found the game and opened my eyes to modern board gaming. I most likely would not have this hobby without him finding Heroscape in a TRU catalog back in 2004.
Sophia - Loves Dancing Dice, Dead Man's Treasure, Qwirkle, Three Musketeers, and Catacombs
Joe - Space Hulk, Heroscape, and Battleball. My Ameri-Trasher. He has the most inquiries of my three children, driving me crazy with questions, questions, questions! He pesters me to play The Mushroom Eaters.

Renee - Lost Cities, Ra the Dice Game, Jaipur, (surprisingly) Ancient Terrible Things, and any quick dice game. It's fun to look over my recorded plays and see a spike in games played with my wife during our April wedding anniversary.


Dione captured by the Cassani spacecraft orbiting Saturn. (I saw this on Reddit) I tend to fantasize that when I pass on, my soul, life force, whatever, free-falling through the cosmos and re-configuring into something with more awareness and understanding of the universe.

My daughter and her dancing golden doodle

I've been listening to a lot of instrumental surf music, especially The Astronauts.
Here they are in 1964's movie, Surf Party, 'performing' Firewater.

The well-known Chantays' Pipeline.

Dutch surf rockers, the Apemen.

Russia's horror surf band, Messer Chups.
I just discovered them a few days back (1-20-15?)
Love, love, LOVE these guys and their surf music meets horror schtick sensibilities.
I see a lot of Cramps in their style and presentation.

I also immensely enjoy listening to classical music while I game, work, clean or cook. Currently, this is my favorite work to experience.
The whole composition is amazing, but it was the second part, Larghetto, at 24:37 that first captivated me to Beethoven's Violin Concerto.
Itzhak Perlman is amazing and inspiring (he suffered from polio as a child) to see, at performance's end, hobble on and off the stage with crutches.

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