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I've followed Phrim's lead and made my Hot 10 a list of games I haven't played yet, but would really, really like to try. If you look at my ratings, please set it to show comments as well, since I often comment on games without rating them.

Anything I could say about my gaming preferences will probably be obvious from my ratings and comments, but the following things tend to be true:

1) I like to build stuff. Especially stuff that makes more stuff and lets you build more. Hence, I really like economic games and others that let you produce things as the game goes on.

2) I like "if I do X, will my opponent do Y?" moments. Trying to read other players, intimidating people, bluffing... all of these are fun to me, at least in a relatively complex context like Age of Empires or Caylus or Hansa or Taj Mahal. I probably wouldn't be as fond of it in its pure forms; I am not that interested in poker, for instance.

3) Abstraction doesn't really bother me. A good theme is a plus (and in this case a "good theme" means simply: a theme I like executed in a way that appeals to me--and that often means one that facilitates building something), but a good game with a thin or "boring" theme (or, heck, even a theme I genuinely think is boring) is still a good game as far as I am concerned. Of course, it is also possible for a theme to turn me off.

4) In general, I prefer multiplayer games to two-player. This is mostly because in two-player games I find I often end up on the wrong end of the skill differential and it only feels like so much pointless drubbing. At least with more players, every move is not an attack on me personally. A character flaw, I know.

5) I like light games for being light and heavy games for being heavy. Each has its place. I get different kinds of enjoyment from different kinds of games and think this is really essential to gaming and liking it.

6) I'm trying to rate expansions now, but only as I play them. This presents a problem as theoretically I ought to un-rate the base game at that point until I play it without them, but I'm not doing that. I'm still not happy with rating them in comparison with the base game; it still feels like giving up free ratings points. But ratings are only meaningful if I try to be a little consistent with convention.

7) I've been playing a lot of new games recently and loving it, but would really like to get to know some of the games in my collection better.

8) I feel no obligation to be consistent in my tastes. Sorry. I like (and dislike) different games for different reasons. Also, I am not that good at predicting what I will or won't like.

9) Just because I didn't like something the first time, doesn't mean I won't play it again. I'm optimistic that way.

10) I'm a playtester for Quixotic Games--that means I've playtested several games by Andy Parks. A lot of the ones I've worked on are yet to come out and I am pretty excited about them.
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