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Debbie Ohi
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YAY, a chance to play games during the DAY!! (I am cursed with morning person genes)
I tweet about board gaming at @BGGgirl, about writing/illustrating at @inkyelbows.
To contact me, please use email or my contact form rather than BGG mail, since I don't check the latter that often.

I have a board gaming blog where I post gaming comics, event reports, photos and other board gaming goodness. I also post about boardgamingstuff on Twitter at @BGGgirl. jridpath introduced me to BGG, for which I am always grateful.

Game likes and dislikes

My Hot 10 list are games I'd like to try (or play soon), in no particular order.
My Top 10 list is only a rough guesstimate. In reality, my game prefs vary depending on what I've played recently, mood, and even time of day.

I used to log all my plays but have been lax in the past few years.

I'm willing to play any kind of game at least once but prefer games in which you're building something (e.g. a village, spaceship, landscape, etc.) as you play or some cooperative effort. I don't mind long games if I'm having fun. I tend not to like conflict-driven games or where something you've built can be easily wiped out.

I appreciate good design, nice artwork and original components.

I write and illustrate children's books for a living, and am working with Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, HarperCollins Children's and Random House Children's. Recent book illustration projects: NAKED! and Judy Blume books, from S&S. Info about my books.

More info about my other projects as well as my portfolio: http://DebbieOhi.com


*NEWS!!!* YAAAAY, I did some art for the Ultimate Werewolf line at Bezier Games. Some details on my board gaming blog. This is my very first game art and will probably be my only game art for a while; I'm currently booked up with book projects until 2017.


Woohoo, I was Geek of the Week! (week of Sun Dec. 6, 2009)
GotW thread: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/470229


My gaming cartoons

I sometimes post comics and comic caption contests in the Gaming-Related Comics forum.

Subscribe to my Cartoon Caption Contest Subscription Thread to be kept informed about when I post new contests. You can also browse a list of past winners.

My microbadges

With the kind help of Geert VG (garion), I've designed my first microbadge, yahoo!


Here are other microbadges I've designed:

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Registration Date: 2007-06-21
Last Profile Update: 2014-11-30
Last Login: 2016-04-21
Country: flag Canada
State: Ontario
Town/City: Toronto
Website: http://www.inkygirl.com
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Top 10
#1: 7 Wonders
#2: Arkham Horror
#3: Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition
#4: Dixit
#5: Ca$h 'n Gun$
#6: Panic Station
#7: The Castles of Burgundy
#8: Cockroach Poker
#9: Pantheon
#10: Airlines Europe
Hot 10
#1: One Night Ultimate Werewolf
#2: Concept
#3: Terror in Meeple City
#4: Escape: Zombie City
#5: Arkham Horror
#6: Mansions of Madness
#7: Last Night on Earth: Survival of the Fittest
#8: Zombicide
#9: Elder Sign
#10: Atlantis Rising
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