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My taste in gaming is eclectic and I will play almost any game at least once. But I'm getting more critical the more games I play. Hence, my rating average is slowly decreasing. Getting spoiled, I guess.

My soft spot is with light games played in a reasonably short time, no steep learning curve, some luck factor involved but still enough meaningful decisions to win more often than just luck would let you win. Transamerica is the one game that best meets that description.

On the other side of the spectrum, complexity is fine as long as it is not a mean in and of itself. Too many boardgames neglect "Ockhams's Razor" principle, i.e. added rules don't add anything else than chrome. Although the publisher probably would deny this. The challenge of the game should be in exploring the depth of gameplay and not in mastering the ruleset.

My favourite games possess a spatial element. Besides Transamerica, TTR:Europe, Thurn & Taxis, On the Underground and (Age of) Steam are among them. If by coincidence or not, most of these are train games which happens to be one of my preferred themes. Other than that, I'm trying to own every decent airline game as well as playable games of regional interest. If there just were more of them.

One of my favourite mechanisms is the often despised simultaneous action planning. This is true for so diverse games as Diplomacy, Wallenstein, Adel Verpflichtet, Robo Rally or Witch's Brew.

Not withstanding the fact that I'm keen on light games, I'm always up for 5 hours+ game of Civilization and the like if a group of gamers forms on some public holiday.

For now, I started exploring the world of wargaming but beside Friedrich/Maria and to a lesser extent the Commands & Colors series as well as Combat Commander, I'm not convinced that I enjoy them enough to dig real deep.

I'm not so fond of boardgames with an RPG/fantasy background i.e. dungeon crawls as Doom, Descent etc. I will play them but would prefer to spend the time needed on something else. Same goes for the whole FFG component monsters of which I do not own a single coffin-sized box.

Two mechanisms I'm not particularly enthralled with are worker placement and combo building. I enjoy the best games from these categories but I will usually suck at them and I don't need the vast number of me-too games in these areas. Give me an average network building, set collecting or tile laying game any day.

There are really few games I dislike. You will get me to play party games as Taboo or Outburst. But slight to medium violence would be needed to force me to play rubbish like Chez Geek or similar nonsense. I also strongly dislike Backgammon. Other turnoffs: games with a strong kingmaker effect and games depending on player order, i.e. games which will be mostly won by the player following the weakest player. 'Take That' games are only acceptable if they create a fun story and interesting metagame without taking too long.

I own too many games and like to play something new too much to dedicate much time to one single game in an effort to become really good at it. Certainly I would like to be good at Go, master Race for the Galaxy or be a serious competitor at 18xx games. I just won't make the effort to play a game again and again.

While I certainly suffer from the urge to "collect" games I succeed at least nowadays in collecting only games I enjoy to play from time to time and started trading off games I'm not going to play. I can proudly say that I'm no completionist.

I live in Frankfurt, Germany and play regularly at the Stammtisch of the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main guild here at the geek. I log all my plays and expansion plays with the exception of small promo articles. I also play online but I do not log those.
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Top 10
#1: TransAmerica
#2: RoboRally
#3: Oregon
#4: Thurn and Taxis
#5: Race for the Galaxy
#6: Ticket to Ride: Europe
#7: 1870
#8: Ricochet Robots
#9: Steam
#10: 10 Days in Europe
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