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Nothing happens for a reason, but everything happens by a mechanism
If I don't have an axe, then what will I grind?
After smoking behind the barn with lots of different types of games, I've come to the conclusion that I mostly want to play heavier Euros, something lasting between two and three hours.


Oh, hello there. I wasn't expecting visitors, but please come in. Would you like a drink? It's easy to twist up some Manhattans or a crispy Sidecar, and I'm always up to open a bottle of good wine. Please have a seat. Interested in a cigarillo? Some music? I try to limit my music to bands who are affiliated with Satan, or anything with Morrissey, or Radiohead, or Big Black. However, I'd make an exception for you.

You are interested in my thoughts about gaming? Well, after much contemplation I've decided that gaming is about hatred and rage. In a world where personality is king, there are few methods for the more crystalline intellects to prove his or her superiority. Thus competitive nerding was born. Ultimately, gaming is no game. It's about reassuring one's self about one's worth, obtaining small blasts of satisfaction in a culture that is hostile to one's pitiful strengths.

Want to play a game?

[OLD PROFILE SHITE] Gamed a ton throughout the 1980s, primarily role playing and Avalon Hill. In the '90s I fell out of the faith, but now I'm back.

I like games with direct player interaction, some degree of bluffing/bullshitting, and the ability for screwage. I am firmly Pro-Dice. Reading lengthy, complicated rulebooks can be enjoyable. I'm becoming more and more interested in wargaming.

It seems to me that we are living in a golden age of gaming. We now have at least 40 years of gamer's games, with the ability to sample from a huge selection of new ideas and tried-and-true favorites. In addition, there is the worldwide network of thoughtful gamers, and the amazing resource that is BGG.

Top 10 games are those that have stood the test of time. Hot 10 games are the games I am most actively lusting to play, even if I have never played them before (I do not give ratings to games that I have not played).

Note that my "games played" counts are not accurate. I believe I logged everything I played from 1/1/09 onward, but before that I was erratic.

Let's sing along gaily: "Your morality stinks I say and the way you live is extremely empty!"

If you live near me, we game on Friday nights. See what we have played lately on my "games played" list. You are welcome to join.
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Top 10
#1: Twilight Imperium (Third Edition): Shattered Empire
#2: Agricola
#3: Power Grid
#4: Struggle of Empires
#5: Here I Stand
#6: Twilight Struggle
#7: Nexus Ops
#8: Civilization
#9: Battle Line
#10: Grass
Hot 10
#1: Dominant Species
#2: Chaos in the Old World
#3: Twilight Imperium (Third Edition): Shattered Empire
#4: Agricola
#5: Dune
#6: Shifting Sands
#7: Civilization
#8: Die Macher
#9: Here I Stand
#10: Fire in the Sky: The Great Pacific War 1941-1945
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