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Gesine Stanienda
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Dear Santa,

yes, the address is correct. It is my company address where we receive all packages (the company lets us use the mailroom, very convenient).
Also note: Ireland does not use post codes, if you require one, just use 12345, it's what I do when ordering.

Cheers, Gesine

Dear Santa Grognard,

I love wargames and have quite versatile interests. I have updated my "Own" list as well as my "wish" list, which probably shows the eclectic nature of my gaming.
In general, I game solo, so any multiplayer games are not really relevant to me. I also do not like block games that much. I am more of a hex-and-counter girl. I have never played a CDG, so I have preordered Empire of the Sun and also Fire in the Lake, the COIN series title based in Vietnam (I like to try out different formats of games).
Generally, I am interested in Vietnam, WW II, WWI and Ancients.

I have quite a few second hand games and don't mind getting games second hand, even if they are "well-loved" as long as they are complete. I also don't need a box to go with the game, I have plenty of zip-locked games and sometimes just ask the distributor to send on the game without a box to save on the shipping.

I don't really know if I have been naughty or nice this year, but I will say this: I have actively contributed to our community and have been playing plenty of games and reviewed them.

Warm regards, Kallisto
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