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Back in the days when there were less maps we played every map back to back
Ooh a little higher, now a bit to the left, a little more, a little more, just a bit more. Oooh yes, that's the spot!
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Yes, this is a tad out of date. I will update it one day in a year starting with the number 2.

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I'm normally in Melbourne Australia. I have enjoyed playing games since I was a small child. I probably started off with things like Ludo, Chess and Monopoly. Moved into various other games like Squatter, Stock Market Game, Kingmaker and Escape from Colditz. My first wargame was The Battle of Britain at about 10 or 11. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in the very early days and still play it and other RPGs (especially Call of Cthulhu) now. I bought my copy of Diplomacy around the same time. A lot of SPI wargames and a few AH games over the next seven or eight years, never got into Squad Leader much though. Civilization a few years later. Got into German games fairly early on, i.e. probably started playing Catan when it was still brand new, i.e. only the German edition was available. My wife Melissa is also a gamer (yes you can be that lucky!). Most of our gaming used to be done with role-playing friends but we have met some new non RPG gamers via local gaming contacts and through BGG.
gallipoli timtams beer vegimite twisties
We are busy bringing up the next generation of gamers, Daughter the Elder and Daughter the Younger now :-)timtams twisties gallipoli vegemite aussie beer

Co-founder with REGGY and dacoutts of Gamers@Dockers a board games club that meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month in Melbourne, Australia. Also co-founder with Melissa of KiddieCon a small board games event run periodically at our Daughter the Younger's creche so gamers with small children can spend an occasional weekend day playing games.

Neither of the children go to creche anymore so KiddieCon is no longer running. Also I no longer work in the building where we started Gamers@Dockers so it has been a long time since I showed up there.

I was Geek of the Week #197

I was RPG Geek of the Week #28

I was Lover Spread of the Week #101

You could look for old occasional musings at Gone Gaming

You could also look for more recent occasional musings at Boardgame News

In case you are wondering why I may have tipped you 0.01 it will probably be because I thought your comment was particularly apt, witty or it made me laugh out loud. Also it is thanks for improving the discourse on BGG and/or RPGG and for making my day a better one.

Assuming we have met in person or on-line, here's a quick poll for you.
Where did we meet?
At a games club?
At a roleplaying games convention - Arcanacon?
At a roleplaying games convention - Phantasticon?
At a roleplaying games convention - CanCon?
At a roleplaying games convention - SydCon?
At a roleplaying games convention - not specified?
At work?
At Essen?
At BorderCon
At ConVic?
At Australian Games Expo?
At home?
At University (you should know which one if you pick this)?
On-line at BGG?
On-line at RPGGeek?
On-line at SBW?
On-line at BSW?
None of the above?
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My BoardGameGeek 20 Questions!

mbmb- mbWhen did you join BoardGameGeek?
September 2003

mbmb- mbWhen did you start recording your game plays?
2003. I broke the habit in late 2009 but have started again in 2012

mbmb- mbWhere do you live?
Melbourne, Australia

mbmb- mbWhere is the furthest place you have lived from your current home?
Wuppertal, Germany

mbmb- mbDo you have any pets?

mbmb- mbIs anyone from your game group also on BoardGameGeek?
Many of them

mbmb- mbWhat are your hobbies outside of BoardGameGeek?
Science Fiction

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite reading material?
Science Fiction

mbmb- mbWhere do you play your games?
At home, at club meetings and at conventions. On trains.

mbmb- mbWhat is your current favourite board game?
Power Grid

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite game type?
Not miniatures or party games.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite party game/activity?
Time's Up Deluxe

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite abstract game?

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite wargame?
War in Europe

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite card game?

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite print and play?
I'm too lazy to print and cut and paste up.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite game theme?
Don't have one.

mbmb- mbWhat is your most prized board game?
The complete set of EON Cosmic Encounters.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite RPG?
Call of Cthulhu

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite Videogame?
Master of Orion II
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Town/City: Melbourne
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Top 10
#1: Power Grid
#2: Tigris & Euphrates
#3: Die Macher
#4: Civilization
#5: Tichu
#6: Diplomacy
Hot 10
#1: Die Macher
#2: Battlestar Galactica
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