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"Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." ― Steve Maraboli
नमस्ते (Namaste) – I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.

Me, myself and I

I love music, reading, nature, cats, tea, tattoos, painting miniatures, good company and even more so games (all the games!) in good company. I love different hand crafting, like knitting, crocheting, making cards etc. I also do some painting: Kattvippa's Small Gallery.

I'm constantly looking to grow as a person and learn more about life. The older I get, the more I realize how little I actually know, life is an adventure and I try to look at it with a childlike enthusiasm.

The Love of My Gaming Life - RPGs

At 2012 I peeked into RPGG and never left. I'm spending a lot of time hanging around here, so much actually, that RPGG is my social media these days. I innocently wondered into the world of RPGs via Mountains of Madness. I never thought it would be so much fun, I was pressing F5 all the time and waiting what would happen next!

Next thing I knew, I signed-up in a PbF game via Newbie Initiative, The Eye of Kilquato and by then was already falling down and fast. I have to admit I was kinda nervous when we started to play, I had really no idea what so ever what to expect. It turned out to be very much fun, but also highly addictive. Seriously, walk away if you still can. Once you start falling down the rabbit hole, there's no climbing back...

Playing Gaucho and obsessing over finding the mysterious Telegraph Office finally "forced" me come out of lurker-mode and I started posting elsewhere too. I found my home at RPG Geek, the community is purely amazing. I have played 139 different roleplaying games between 2012 and 2015, you can see a list of them here: Down the Rabbit Hole (Kattvippa's played RPGs), and a list of games that I've run, here: Freefalling - Kattvippa's Lifetime List of RPGs Ran.

I do most of my roleplaying as PbV games, but I do have a f2f group as well. Gaming has brought so many good things in my life, of which one of the best is new friends both IRL and online. I love to meet new people, so if you are ever (in a need of a gaming company and) in Helsinki, just contact me, I'm almost always ready for a game, cup of tea or to just hang out laugh

Video Gaming

I played a lot of video games when I was very young. Games like Jumpman (1983), Boulder Dash and Space Invaders. A bit later I played a lot of Zelda. A little bit too much at some point, as I got so addicted I forgot to eat. Or to take breaks. I played some 18 hours straight without having eaten or really taken breaks. At which point my ex-boyfriend confiscated the game, so I had to go to sleep. After that I thought I should maybe take a break from video gaming and that break lasted for a very long time.

In 2009 I played all the Tales of Monkey Island games and I fell in love with those! After that I've played some other point-and-click games and I really love those too. Then at 2012 I played Gaucho - An Interactive Geek Western and discovered there are games called Interactive Fiction. And fell in love again. Dave was kind enough to take me on board and I got to be in the development team of Geist - An Interactive Geek Horror which was so much fun after I got over my initial fears and just started writing things.

When I was the VGG GotW, I figured the least I could do is play more video games. Since then I've collected quite a few games and played a lot of them. I love small, obscure games, but I also love bigger, more mainstream games. In very small amount of time video gaming has become a big part of my life. Not least because I have gotten to know so many amazing people via multiplayer gaming. Currently the best thing ever is to play Payday 2 or Borderlands 2 with my wonderful VGG friends. Also, if you have not yet checked out VGG, you should, the community is awesome!

Board Gaming

I grew up playing a lot of board games, like Afrikan tähti, Sorry! and Tri-Ominos. I started more serious gaming somewhere around 2007. At first I was suspicious about gaming since back then board game only meant something like Trivial Pursuit or Alias to me. After trying a few "serious" games I got interested and after little more time was into gaming completely.

The first "real" board game I played was BattleLore and after that lots and lots of WOTR. And after that I stopped keeping track until I became a bit more active here at the Geek. I love games with theme, beautiful components and miniatures. I like long themed games, euro games, card games and even light-medium wargames if there are elves, goblins or dwarves involved

Gradually my board gaming with miniatures escalated into painting miniatures as well. At first it didn't really seem like it could be so much fun, but painting a few WOTR minis changed completely my mind about that. It is a time consuming hobby, but it is also very rewarding. You can see some of my painted minis here.

Microbadges I've designed

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mb I was RPG Geek of the Week #138 on August 2012
mb I was VGG Geek of the Week #145 on February 2014
mb I was Geek of the Week #479 on December 2014
mb I was Love Spreader or the Week #200 on February 2014
mb I was the Arcade Dictator of the Week #42 on March 2014

mb I won The Golden Turtleback Painted Miniature contest on September 2011
mb Placed second in Holiday Adventure Contest (Midsummer's Night) on June 2013

mb Got the Platinum Microbadge Designer badge on December 2014
mb I was awarded 'Microbadgus Designum Ex Professo' for excellence in microbadging on April 2014
mb I was awarded the Microbadge Design Award on September 2014

mb I joined the RPGG Heroes on August 2012
mb Became one of the RPGG Admins on July 2013

mb I was one of the writers for Geist - An Interactive Geek Horror
mb Helped running Virtuacon '13
mb Helped running Virtuacon '14
mb Helped running Virtuacon '15

mb Got the Golden Meeple on September 2012
mb Got the Silver Session Reporter badge on April 2014
mb Got the Copper Geeklister badge on September 2014
mb Got the VGG Game-A-Day 2014 Gold badge on January 2015
mb Got the Copper RPG Uploader badge on November 2014
mb Got the Platinum VGG Uploader badge on December 2014
mb Got the Copper Reviewer badge on February 2015
mb Got the Golden Image Uploader badge on April 2015

mb Got the Level 20 RPGG poster badge on June 2013
mb Got the Level 20 VGG poster badge on September 2015
mb Got the Level 16 BGG poster badge on 16 December 2015

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