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_____________ BGG _____________

I've written a couple of tools relating to BGG.

BGG Hide Blocked GeekList Items - Collapses all Geeklist items you have blocked from your subscription. Very useful for G4GG Lotteries...
BGG QuickBar Helper - Rearranges the QuickBar Edit screen and allows you to swap entries.

Essen Geek - Helps you build a list of what to check out in Essen.


mb SnakeEyes11
mb bgirlzcgc3882
mb Whoshim*
mb TWrecks
mb hecklion101
mb Your name here!

*old soul, to contest contact me with proof of prior procurement.


gulp yuk shake Worst game I've ever played gulp yuk shake


A short note on my ratings. I've shifted everything >=5 upwards by one point, because the BGG recommendation system only takes in account stuff rated 8 or above and I wouldn't have anything rated 10 otherwise.


ginger nutmeg pepper cinnamon Dear Secret Santa cinnamon pepper nutmeg ginger

I'm participating in the BGG Contest Loser Contest #2 which runs until the 16th November. Although I don't expect to be winning that one either it might cause a small change to my wishlist.

Having been part of this wonderful event for two years now I'm looking forward again to sharing this beautiful spirit of generosity and kindness with my fellow board gamers. I'm still learning and hope to do even better this year by my fellow secret santee and secret santa.

I'm a 32 year old man living in the German speaking part of Switzerland. While I have a good command of English not all of my gaming partners do. As such I vastly prefer German games. There are a few exceptions that have worked for us: Fleet since it only has public text or Potion-Making: Practice because it has so few different cards that using a cheat sheet is not much of a problem. But still it is less convenient.

I play with my family which usually means 3-5 players and I play with my gaming group which usually fluctuates between 2-4 players. My parents are no longer open to very intricate and complex games. Fleet is about the threshold of what they're capable/willing to learn. My gaming group is much more open. We've successfully played more or less anything I've rated in my library. The only thing we ever struggled with was Glory to Rome (not in terms of rules but in terms of "what does this all mean for strategy"). I personally am a bit AP prone and games with a lot of options and interactions like Singapore or Castles of Mad King Ludwig are a nightmare for me. Otherwise I like a wide variety of games. I do tend to dislike aggressive confrontation especially in multiplayer games (with maybe the exception of King of Tokyo). I'm also not a fan of abstract strategy games like Blokus but I do enjoy puzzles like Ubongo. I do enjoy lavish games (lots of components) but don't much care for miniatures or fiddly setup (Agricola.

As for the priorities in my wishlist. 5's are my personal backlog of stuff I'd like to research further. You can just ignore those. The rest is roughly ordered based on how sure I am about the game. But I feel much less strongly about the order than the official designations would suggest. Feel free to pick anything from priorities 1-4 if you feel it would be a great match for me.

Also if you're wondering about those "Want in trade" flags. Don't worry. I've long ago stopped buying or otherwise acquiring things I wished for in the time leading up to birthdays or Christmas.

If you're looking for local shops to ship directly to me, here are a few I know:
Amazon.de (usually ships for free to Switzerland and often has better prices)
World of Games (Somewhat expensive but has more of a gamer's selection than mainstream shops, free shipping)
bol.ch / buch.ch (free/cheap shipping, more of a family selection)
books.ch (free shipping after 30 CHF, more of a family selection)
Fatamorgana.ch a bit of a homebrew online shop you can only explore their selection through searches.

Update 2014-11-17: Dear Secret Santa. I'm sorry for responding so late to your nice letters. It was only today that I've been allowed back at a computer after crawling into the fetal position in terror upon reading about the incoming Skip Bo and Munchkin gift. (Did you know that in German the word "gift" means poison? No idea why that sprung to mind right now.) After some strong medication (which totally just coincided with my birthday) and a therapeutic game of Firefly: The Game, I'm feeling better again.

As for my avatar, I regret to inform you that while it is a picture of my cat, he now sits in the big game box in heaven.

I hope this season won't be too stressful for you and your close ones. I really appreciate you taking the time for me. Take care!

Update 2013-11-29: Dear Secret Santa. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope you get the chemistry kit under control and Rudolph back to normal size. Remember chemistry is dangerous. So, be safe!

I hope the season won't be too stressful for you and your close ones. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule for me. Take care!

Update 2012-12-06: Yesterday I found a failed delivery slip in my post box. So today I went to the post office and got a package with a label "contains a gift for you". After careful deliberation I've decided to open the shipping box without looking and try to feel if there is gift wrapping around the gift. Indeed there was so the secrecy of the gift was ensured and I was delighted to dump the shipping box as it was much larger than it's contents. Unfortunately the shop also included a shipping notice that listed the contents. But I do have a Christmas Party with one of my clubs so I still have a chance to forget what I read...

_____________ VGG _____________

I haven't had a lot of energy to play online recently. But If you see me online and we have a game in common feel free to chat me up - even if I'm already gaming something. Coop games I have:

Borderlands 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Monaco: WYIM
Orcs Must Die 2
Path of Exile
Portal 2
Renegade Ops + Coldstrike Campaign
Sanctum 2
Torchlight 2
Trine 2 + Goblin Menace

But if I have it and it supports coop, I can probably be convinced to play it. Thank you Humble Bundle for taking even more of my money...

____________ General ____________

You don't stop playing because you get old.
You get old because you stop playing.
- George Bernard Shaw

The future is always born in pain.
- G'Kar

The situation is hopeless but not serious.
- Viennese proverb

After two margaritas, margaritas go with everything.
- The Waiter

Random facts:
* Peanuts are not nuts (they are legumes like - you know - peas)
* Pineapples are both a fruit and berries (a fruit of coalesced berries)
* Pumpkins are berries (In German that type of berry is called Panzerbeere = tank / armored berry)
* Strawberries are not berries it's just a fruity glue for those yellow "seeds"
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Town/City: Buchs
Website: http://www.spieleclub-buchs.dssr.ch
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