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Finally time to put something in here....

As a kid I was pretty deep into AD&D. My circle of friends and I got into it very early (we were @10). My friend and I talked my father into driving us up to Gen Con, which that year was being held at the UW-Parkside campus. This is where it truly began for me

We actually played on a good team in a couple D&D tournaments and did fairly well for "kids" as we were referred to. Late on Saturday we were walking through the halls and I saw these other "games" being played. Historical miniatures and wargames that people actually had fun at. Somehow I convince my father to let me purchase a copy of Squad Leader.

I fell out of gaming for awhile playing sports in high school and discovering "other" things. Music has always been a big part of my life and I decided I wanted to pursue it...

I was working in downtown Chicago when I first saw IT. IT was in a box at a newsstand I passed by and would linger at before getting on the train to go home. I asked what IT was and the stand owner just shrugged and said, "IT's supposed to be some game played with cards, none of my customers want it". $10 later I walked off with just shy of a box of beta boosters for IT, Magic the Gathering. I'm not really sure if I would be here today if it weren't for Magic. It really brought my friend sand I back into gaming..

Later on I became quite interested in tabletop miniatures and spent alot of time playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Rogue Trader. When Mage Knight was released I became an envoy for their games, holding demos and tournaments in the local comic/game store.

Years later, with children and a semi-real career my games sit unplayed quite often. My girlfriend enjoys playing with me and I have recently enjoyed a bit of a boardgaming renaissance with her, although I'm still reaching to get a wargame off the shelf to get her to play.

One day.... shake
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