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Chris Montgomery
East York
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I'm a Eurogamer at heart, with a secret love for Ameritrash. I tend to play far more 2-3 player games than games with 4+. I also am lucky enough to have a solid gaming group of up to 14! people. I also enjoy a good solo game. While I'm not a Wargamer I do find the idea of wargames interesting.

I'm lucky enough to have a partner who also like some lighter euro gaming too (although I'm the BGG addict).

Being a graphic designer, I enjoy taking PnP games and improving on the graphics before making my own copies. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, finding interesting and unique components for my PnP games. To see some of my PnP work check out my user gallery and here.

Secret Santa 2011:

Santa UPDATE #4:
Got the package today! Thanks so much! I postedhere! Happy Holidays!

Santa UPDATE #3:

Hi Santa! Making a detective out of me! I tried DHL/fedEX/USPS/UPS before finally thinking to check my OWN postal system. At least since it's Canadapost They'll hold it for a week if I'm gone, and can open it when I get home! *phew* Thanks! Eagerly watching the tracking now! P.S. I always knew Santa was a canuck

Santa UPDATE #2:

Santa: Thanks for keeping me up to date! If you have a tracking number, could you send it along? I leave for my parents place friday night (super late) so I'll need to call and have it re-directed if it's delayed past that. Can't Wait! Have a Happy Holidays!


Santa UPDATE #1: Thanks for contacting me! to answer your question, slight bowing and scuffs on the box would be "Gently used" yes. So long as the components are there, and in decent shape (not coated in cheeto dust/smoke film).
Hello Hello! Thanks for participating in Secret Santa 2011! I hope you get an amazing gift! Feel free to take a look at my wish list and don't hesitate to ask questions (I'll answer them on here, so you can get your answers anonymously).

I retuned my Want-list into categories:
1s- Games/Expansions of games I owned growing up, but thanks to an overzealous mother, were sold at a garage sale for pennies ($0.25 a game, someone got lucky!) They are my holy grail of games.

2s- are also games at the 'top of the list' but I've probably
not had a chance to actually play them.

3s- I'm interested, possibly I don't know as much as I would like to about them, possibly referred by a friend, or I've tried it at our local gaming cafe, snakes & lates.

4s. Passing interest, theme or mechanic sounds interesting.

Unfortunately, I haven't done much on BGG in the past year, my design business has kept me very very busy, and I believe my in-print want list is lack luster as such.

While I *love* My 1s, and as I mentioned on my previous note, I don't expect them. An in-print game would be just as played and enjoyed as one of my grails.

In the end, the well-seasoned gentleman (a much nicer way to word it I think) has good judgement, and I trust that Elf #7731 (Hey! wasn't that my old PIN!?! I kid.) will be as awesome this year as they are every year!

Now I'm off to finish the plotting for MY poor target. Muahaha.


On top of my wish list, I thought I should let you know: I'm not averse to games not in english, so long as paste-ups/rules are available (and reasonable) here on the geek.

Secondly, I don't mind gently used games either. I know a lot of my wants are OOP, and don't expect those either. I guess my boardgame tastes are just a few years behind!

I'm also fond of funky dice and game components (I do a lot of PNP/DIY games).

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