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I started gaming as a child with my sister. We didn't have a lot of money so we had to make the most of the couple of games we had whether they were missing half the pieces or not. We would make up our own games by combining several boards and various pieces and writing new rules for them. Sometimes even our stuffed animals would become parts for our boardgame worlds that stretched the boundary between boardgame and RPG. When my sister picked up her first 486 Computer back in the day the two of us and her new husband would sit in front of the screen together and play Might and Magic or Betrayal at Krondor as all of us loved gaming.

In college I started playing D&D with some friends and got my own computer. I loved playing the old Might and Magic games as well as turned based games like HOMM, MoM and Warlords 2. Boardgames were somehow a natural evolution from those games for me and seem to scratch the same itch without needing to sit in front of a screen.

When I had my own child we started playing card and board games together before he could read. When he was 8 years old I remember going to our local game store (Fun Again Games) which at the time also sold used games and picking up a copy of The Classic Dungeon and thinking Wow!!! Why didn't I have games like this when I was a child.

Less than 2 years ago I picked up a copy of Settlers of Catan for my boyfriend and I to play together not even realizing it wasn't really a two player game. We got it home and realized we would have to make our own rules if we wanted to play just the two of us..... Unless I checked online to see if anyone else in the world might have tried to play this cool "new" game two player. That is when I discovered Board Game Geek and ASO Brain Games. We started playing Settlers of Catan online and bringing the boardgame to my sisters every week for all of us to play together. Then we of course had to pick up Seafarers and Cities and Knights. We also picked up the Settlers of Catan card game to take on camping trips with us.

After a while of only having Settlers games to play I remembered Board Game Geek and thought... Why don't I go there and see if there are other cool games I might enjoy. I discovered BSW and learned about a whole bunch of games thanks to the wonderful people who are a part of Emerald City on BSW which I really need to get back to soon.

Next up I went directly for the #1 game on BGG and bought Agricola. We started gluing on some googly eyes for our little animals and brought that over for the family to enjoy. My family has really joined me in learning new games and we now get together once a week for a game night. We also try to make it to every monthly Ashland Library Game Night that Chris and his wife Chris host once a month.

Christopher DeFrisco
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Ah, negative. I am a meat popsicle.

With Chris's great ideas and help I have also started up my very own weekly Game Pod S'More Games and Fun Again Games has been kind enough to help me advertise the Pod and even donated a Gift Certificate for me to get another game to help with getting S'More Games going.

I now own just over a dozen cool new games including my most recent Christmas present to myself Runewars and have participated in a couple of fun Math Trades here on BGG. I have really enjoyed reading all of the posts and learning about new games here and can't begin to thank everyone here enough for helping me to re-discover this wonderful world. I will try to keep my games played list updated for this year and see just how many games I am really playing.

My Ratings are based on the updated suggestions I found somewhere here and printed that I can no longer find here.

I use my Ranking for games in comments as a way of deciding how much I really want a game. I have put average prices on some of the games but I am unlikely to be able to pay near that. I am on a VERY limited budget so I have to think carefully about each game purchase or trade. I know some feel trying to trade up in value is somehow bad. Fact is most games are out of my price range and when you include the shipping I have to pay in for any kind of trading or buying I just can't afford the games I most want. I will rarely if ever be able to pay full price for a game. So please if you don't like people trying to trade up you can always skip putting my stuff on your trade lists. Someday when I have more I will be happy to give back.
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