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A 2nd update to Santa Steve !!!

Yep, the nice people at the store left your 1st name on the paperwork

What can I say ?

Mrs Albion handed me a triangular package, of which I had no clue, asking if it was something I had ordered..

I tore it open, the look of shock / joy all over my face as I realized what it was...

Thank You Santa, you've been overly generous and now I want to pay it forward to my target..

Wherever, who ever you are, you've been the best Santa I've ever had on here, and know that in these trying times (the boy is stimming a lot recently) you brought a smile to at least two faces.

Merry Christmas


Update to Santa !!!

Mrs Albion has intercepted my gift, and it has been removed from me... to be opened on Dec 25th..

So, THANK YOU now, and I'll post an update sometime after Dec 25th.

Merry Christmas


Dear Santa 2015

Small update.

Thank you for writing !

Whatever your elves build is going to be great, I'm sure !

Please feel free to use my wishlist as a guide. I love to upgrade and "pimp" my games.

As you can see - a lot of my games are solo. Most are playable in a shortish time, an autistic 5 year old means I am unable to leave games out. Add in a 18 month old toddler and 3 cats, and nothing survives a night on a table.

This season, I'm getting a games building ! This means I can have my own private sanctuary for a few hours every so often. A chance to game, and maybe, just maybe, a chance to build a large model railway.. obviously for the boy... honest !

This means I can break out some of my larger games and not have to rush to complete them.

Same goes for my jigsaw collection, a chance to do a few classics bigger than 1000 pieces !

Mrs Albion likes some of the lighter games, and if I pester her enough, she'll pick out a strategy for me to play against for some of the wargames hiding in my collection.

Will update more if you require. Just hit me with any questions.

Best of wishes and Happy Holidays Merry Christmas 2015 !!!



Dear Santa 2014

You know this, but I know you are a busy guy, and have tried to make this easy for you, so... here goes..

2014 has been a great year, we have been blessed with a daughter, she's 5 months old now and looks at her brother with love and delight.. or is it terror ? in her eyes

Wesley now has a sister ! Maybe she can reach into his world and bring him out of himself !


I've been a gamer for 30+ years, in that time, I've played all sorts, from Euros, through D&D and on through hex and counter wargames and back to Euros. I have played in small groups, large groups, and in the last few years, mainly 2 player with the love of my life, and these days...

I'm solo.

There is a large board, we can lift out of the way, on which I can game, usually in the evenings whilst on baby watch... solo wargames, Mage Knight, anything that grabs me really. I can store it away from small hands, cat paws and the nose of a nosy Border Collie So, space to play is not a huge issue.

I want you to look at my wishlist and use it as a guide, that's all. If you have a different idea, then by all means give it a go. Over the years I have been surprised and delighted by the thoughts put into gifts sent to me from you, Santa, and have tried hard to return that in my gifting to someone else.

There may well be games on my wishlist that are out of print or too expensive, don't worry, they are there as a guide and a reminder to me, as well as a hint as to my desires.

So, even before you look, and in anticipation of a guy, with a smile, on Christmas morning, watching his kids play with the boxes and ignoring the contents... I hope that you, Santa, and the Santa clan, have a great Christmas, a Happy New Year and that 2015 brings you all the best that it can !

Happy Holidays... bah IT'S CHRISTMAS !!!


Dear Santa,

Thank You very much for the copy of BattleLore 2 !!! That's pretty much top of my wish list and will keep me busy and happy for a long time to come... now, to paint or not to paint.. that is the question...

Hope your Christmas was good ! and best wishes to you and Mrs Claus !

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the gift ! I never even got to see the box it was shipped in... Mrs Albion whipped that box out of sight so fast I never even saw it... apparently, I don't have much under the tree next week, and that would make 'a nice surprise' - pointing out that I NEED to know what it is.. incase I need sleeves etc etc... didn't work...

So, once again, THANK YOU... and have a Merry Christmas and think of me, ripping into the box, sometime, early Christmas morning !

best wishes


Thank You Santa for writing to me. I was starting to think you were the strong silent Santa type

Can I open my gift when it comes... or do I have to wait until the big day ?

I've been reasonably good.

Well, that was annoying.. my letter to Santa vanished.. i'll try it again.

Dear Santa.

Here's a run down of the past few years..

2008 - Moved to the USA and got married My own Texas Rose ! the things you can find online !

2009 - Broke hip just before Christmas, working cows with my father in law - he turned a herd back on me and I got run down..

2010 - March - our son was born ! World meet Wesley..

2011 / 2012 - Wesley confirmed as autistic.

2012 - I finally managed to get a non ranch based job !!

..2013 - Little Texan #2 due to arrive. ETA June 12th.. or so

So, from the good old days of 2008 - We have got busier and busier.. Time for gaming has dropped and dropped. Games have become solo affairs - anything that can be stored (out of reach of small hands), usually on a 3' x 2' poster board out of the way, if I have something I want to continue over a few days.

I grew up on Wargames and RPG's. My love for those hasn't changed very much at all. Mrs Albion, enjoys Ticket to Ride, and all the variants, but she's so tired that collapsing on the sofa is her target in the evenings.

Solo games, and games I can make solo-able are my thing. Lots of time spent on the C&C series, and LotR LCG. Games I can play in a few hours. I'm sure you get the idea.

And finally Santa, my wish list is simply that, a wish list.. maybe you have different ideas / suggestions - if that is the case ! Go for it!

I'm old school.. I'll wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS !

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