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January 26, 2015

(This update doubled as the first entry of my new - as of 1-15 - gaming blog: Progresiv Gaming)

Three years on the geek and it's time I update my profile a bit.

First: My new avatar
I went with the Rummikub joker as a tribute to traditional, old-school games and gaming. This is one of my wife's favorite games and therefore one we have played a ton. Rummikub also gives a strong nod to traditional card games, which play a significant part in my gaming history. Playing cards with my grandfather and uncle were always memorable and meaningful times growing up.

Second: My new badge
My badge reads, "Progresiv Games". The spelling is an artifact of limited space, but does play into the cheesy idea that "even the word progressive, is progressive". It's also a nod to my favorite genre of music. But most importantly, it captures my approach and attitude towards games and gaming.

Third: My philosophy
For me, Progressive gaming does not mean edgy, innovative or groundbreaking. It means finding new ways to approach games and incorporate gaming into our lives. It's the idea of leaving yourself open to new experiences through gaming. I think this idea is captured well in my recap list for last year's (2014) WBC.

Fourth: The cycle
I've noticed now, at my three-year mark, that many BGG users follow a very similar path to the one I took getting here. Year one is figuring out what games look good to you and watching and reading Tom Vasel's top 100 lists like they were assigned for homework. You also spend this year finding a group or groups to play with. Years one and two are also spent building your collection, and buying and buying and buying everything you can. Unfortunately, with the end of year two, comes a dangerous byproduct - game snobbery (see below). Year three is spent honing your likes and interests, realizing, as awesome as Tom's reviews are, you may not agree with everything he thinks about games, and then you start to cull that huge collection.

What's satisfying for me at the start of my fourth full year of total immersion into this hobby, is the confidence I now have about what games I like and why. I still have too many games, and there are still games I own that may never get played, but it's becoming easier to let them go. It also allows me to focus on the other aspects of this hobby I enjoy, not just the games. Such as: finding which podcasts I like most, which game groups, reviewers, conventions, BGG communities, debates, etc.

One such debate is one I have come across several times just recently in articles and threads here on BGG and elsewhere. They discuss how Monopoly is a "bad" game.

An unfortunate artifact of exploring all of the games this hobby has to offer, is game snobbery. Well I say games are like babies, there is no such thing as a bad one. If a game has created a lasting, positive memory (and Monopoly has probably created more than every other game in the modern era combined), then it is a good game. It is a set of rules and colored cardboard, plastic, paper, and metal that has provided us as human beings, with an experience we can recall with great detail and fondness regardless of how much time has passed (when I was ten, my friend David kept a secret stash of cash when we played Monopoly and it drove me crazy!). This is why I am part of this hobby. Because this is what games give to those who play them.

I ask only that care be taken when discussing such topics with newcomers to our hobby. They do not want to hear how Monopoly sucks, that is just going to make them feel bad. Try this: "I have great memories playing Monopoly with my family. I still play with my dad on occasion. I think you will really like King of Tokyo."

Here is a fun list of games I put together to remember my early years of gaming:

My Top 10 Games:

Recently Played Games:
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