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Erik Berry
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RPG Geek of the Week #141 - Erik Berry (Magatone)

Like most people here, I'd imagine, I've loved games and gaming since I was very young. I started with board games, and everything from Candy Land to Chess kept my attention back then. Being an only child in a rural area, opponents were difficult to come by at times, but my family did their best to keep me entertained and interested.

As I got older and video games became more popular (and prices fell on older gaming systems), I found myself playing those more and board games less. My first system was an Atari 2600, which I thought was the greatest. It really boiled down to the fact that I could entertain myself with the video games and didn't need an opponent.

Then, at the beginning of middle school, my mother remarried and I suddenly had a brother that was only 1.5 years younger than I was - boardgames were back! We still played a lot of video games, but By Jove, Clue, The Game of Life and the like started to see the light of day a lot more often again.

My mother's marriage involved moving to a new school, so I had to make new friends. It didn't take too long for me to fall in with the guy who's brother had taught him the basics of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition). We quickly switched over to AD&D 2nd Edition, which we ended up playing with my new brother and the occasional other friend all through high school. (Ravenloft was my favorite setting to DM, though I really enjoyed when my brother would DM Planescape for us.)

In college, it was time to make a new group of friends, and I had trouble finding RPGers. I was introduced to Catan though, and it was like this whole world of boardgames that I didn't even know existed came into focus. I did eventually track down some RPG-minded folks as well, and got back into some regular sessions. It was also in college that I finally upgraded from an SNES to a PS2 (mainly to play Final Fantasy and a few others).

Later, docvego introduced me to Ticket to Ride, beckiellis introduced me to Carcassonne, and one of my table-top RPG groups showed me Arkham Horror.

Currently, I'm happy to have found a community with such a wealth of info on boardgames, RPGs, and video games of all kinds. I've been playing boardgames consistantly for a few years now, and I currently have 2 face-to-face RPG groups going (and a 3rd dabbling) along with a PbF going here on the geek. Long live gaming!

Also, in October 2011, I married the love of my life
Jen Berry
United States
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