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If you came to my profile because you saw the Game Designer badge above my avatar:

I designed a game for the 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest called Supermarché, and I won!!!. I'm very proud of it, and if you decide to play it, I hope you like it!


My Favorite Contributions to BGG


My intro into the hobby: In the seventh grade, I had a teacher who held game days. While other students were serving Saturday detention, a handful of friends and I spent all day playing a board game where we built up our nations through the different ages and traded our goods under the table. Fast forward 20 years...a friend brought over a game called San Juan, then one called Small World. I was instantly hooked and in love with a wonderful new hobby.

My current gaming partner: My wife is my current gaming partner, which is a good thing because I love playing games with her. I have been on the hunt for great two player games. She likes games that have strategy but are easy to learn. Every time she turns around, I have a new game I want to teach her, so I can understand why she doesn't like heavy games. Lately, she doesn't want to learn anything new. That's okay, I completely understand.

My future gaming partner: Rory was born in September 2012. He is our first child and he is awesome! The day we brought him home from the hospital, I bought him his very own copy of Rory's Story Cubes and Actions. He also has Voyages of course!

Rory and I doing the Arsenio!

Solitaire Games: I have recently gotten very deep into solitaire games. I am enjoying this aspect of the hobby immensely. I have recently joined a weekly game group! but I still get most excited about solo games. I have also gotten very involved in the Solitaire Games on Your Table GeekLists. It's a great community of solitaire gamers. If solo gaming interests you at all, you should check it out.

My current board gaming goals: You can read more about them here, but here is a rundown:
Play 10 Games 10 Times.
Write 10 reviews.
Build my game to the playtest stage. (I did, here is my [WIP] thread).
Get 10,000 thumbs.
Paint the figures for Flash Point: Fire Rescue.

University of Phoenix Countdown: Classes until I graduate from University of Phoenix Online with my bachelor's degree in English Literature: d10-1
Only one class left!!! I'll be done February 9th!!!

Trading: I love trading games. I prefer to work out the trade through GeekMail before we submit a trade offer. I will consider all offers, and will respond to all requests. I keep my games in the best possible condition. Keep in mind, that since I like used and traded games, sometimes a game is a little loved. I will always describe my games to the best of my knowledge. On the other hand, I really only care that games are playable and complete. I always look forward to some trading!

A note on trading: All of my games come from a smoke-free home and I will only trade for games that also come from a smoke-free home.

p.s. Thanks to BGG, I learned I was playing Civilization all those years ago. I would love to get my hands on a copy. However, I don't think I can talk anyone into spending their entire Saturday playing this game reliving my junior high memories.


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