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3-19-16--So long since an update?! My life has changed considerably in the past two years. Still playing games though this past year has seen it slow down due to moving. Less than an hour from our last home, but closer to our son which is nice and to a very busy community. Much to do here aside from the fact that we have been renovating our home. Pretty much done with that now and we are seeing an upturn in games playing so we're happy about that.

I have disbanded my old game group as it was too stressful being the host every week--and it's been fun and freeing having that time back. I have taken up mahjongg (American) which is great fun with a nice group of people, still have much to learn.

We have obsessively played Orleans these past few months. It's just the perfect weight for us, plays smoothly and quickly. Right now we're infatuated with Marco Polo which I have had for a good 8 months but was afraid that it would be too heavy. I shouldn't have worried. Really fun game. Lightweight game of the moment (besides the ever popular Qwixx Gemixxt) is Karuba. When Miles is working, he only has the time and energy for these kinds of games.

I recently went to Prototype Con in Orlando with a friend and had a really great time, saw some really good games that I'm hoping come to be. Especially ? Base Defender. There's another word in front of that game title, can't think of it right now. Geekway to the West (Missouri) is coming up in May and then Dice Tower Con in July (Orlando). Looking forward to those!

12-21-14--Prompted by Lorna's note I am just stating that I have not received an envelope yet. I am not worried because I suspect it has far to travel. I will update the thread when I do get it!

10-12-14-Hello to my 2014 W&G Forum Holiday Envelope pal! I am of the same mind as last year and want you to relax and have fun planning my envelope. I am not picky and can guarantee that whatever you come up with, I will LOVE! The only thing I can think of to tell you not to send would be chocolate since I cannot eat it though my husband would be appreciative for sure. Happy Holidays! PS. Since there's so much agonizing on the Holiday Envelope Thread I will address the 'religious' issue. I am not religious at all but also not easily offended. I even put up a Christmas tree.

5-26-14-Over 3 years on BGG! And we are gaming more than ever, loving it more than ever! W&G Forum is my virtual life. So many wonderful people there, mostly ladies but some great men drop in from time to time also.

My husband and I still play many medium weight games and also fillers (Splendor is a current fave) but have discovered some heavier games that we have become obsessed with, too. We recently started with some pick up and deliver games like Cinque Terre which is great fun and a furious race between the two of us. Then we tried Coal Baron which is sweet but seems lighter to us and did not push our Obsession Buttons. But you will never guess the game that managed that! It's Merkator! Loads of fun, lots of thought goes into it, giving that simple pick up and deliver mechanic some real legs. We love it!

Home life is sweet, it's summertime in Florida, we are going to our first gaming convention, Dice Tower, in July and I have a small and very fun gaming group over almost every week. Darn near perfection, I would say.

11-12-13-Hello, there, my W&G Forum Holiday Envelope pal! Do not worry over what to send me. It is all quite fun, just having our secrets. If you spend any time at all on the W&G Forums, then you probably know that I'm quite laid back, like to be silly from time to time and am older than dirt.

4-25-13-2 years on BGG and now I belong to a Meet Up gaming group. Nice to find some other gamers around.

My Top and Hot 10 are not right, will try to update that soon.

Our son moved into his own place and everything is fabulous at both houses. Life is good.

If you look at my game ratings you will see a lot of 10's. For quite awhile I really tried to adhere to the BGG definitions but it is more fluid for me. My husband and I tend to get obsessed with games and play them relentlessly so those are the games that get 10's. In fact, that is why I keep buying more games. I want to find that next game that I become obsessed with.

3-28-12-Well, just past one year since my discovery of BGG. My collection is about as big as it ever needs to be and I think I'm slowing down on adding to my wish list. Only one game currently a 'must have' on it--Glen More. I'm hoping for a reprint sometime this year. I do have Kingdom Builder Nomads on pre-order, should be out in May. We are absolutely obsessed with that game! I also won The Hanging Gardens in an auction and that should be a nice addition.

I've been playing on Yucata.de for the past few weeks with the Razor Sharp Ladies of BGG. It's a fabulous site and I have gotten to know some of the others better through playing there. I find it fascinating, too, to be able to connect with people around the world. Oregon, Thurn & Taxis, The Hanging Gardens and Finca seem to be the favorites right now. Playing there has inspired buys of Oregon and The Hanging Gardens. I am hoping they put Kingdom Builder on the list there!

We have been trying to get Casey's condo renovated and ready for him to move into for months now. It has seriously cut into our gaming time. I think we're finally beginning to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, however, and am looking forward to that. It means I will lose one of my nightly gaming partners soblue but it's good he will have his own place. I'm also looking forward to getting my house back in order, especially pertaining to the overflow of games that are in the dinette area. When everything's nicely organized, it will be a relief.


12-2-11-I was just messing around and found my first game orders. It turns out that was in February of THIS year! So here I was thinking I had been 'into' boardgaming and BGG for a year and a half or so and it hasn't been even ONE YEAR! Of course, at this point in my life it's nice to have something fun and addicting to slow down the passage of time at the very same time that it seems like it's passing more quickly...


10-28-11--Time for an update. Lots of new games around here. Made a fabulous buy not long ago, getting in some faster playing, simple games that most people would call fillers. But they are getting a lot of play in our house during the week when we don't have that much time. We are having more fun than ever! And TtR has been de-throned! My Top !0 are the games that are seeing the most play and My Hot 10 are new games that I want to get to the table.


I'm the gamer in the house and loved games from way before I found boardgamegeek when a whole new world opened up for me. Too bad I was in my 50's before I found it! I think I got tipped to this site through Amazon. Pre-BGG we played Can't Stop, Trigon Blokus, Phase 10, Rummikub, Scrabble and backgammon. Now those games rarely get played since Ticket to Ride USA w/1910, Stone Age and San Juan entered the picture. That was my first big game buy.

The usual players in our house are me, my husband Miles, our 26 y.o. son Casey. Since then, I have tried many types of games with different mechanics and was surprised at some of our likes/dislikes. For instance, Small World was met with a nearly instant dislike from all of us. We found it boring and fiddly. What's up with that? I thought it would be an improvement over Risk which was a favorite when the boys were teens. And Dominion? Went over like a lead balloon. I think I might have liked it more if the guys had gotten into it.

In fact, I will play any game pretty much. Just need someone to play with me, doesn't matter if I win (though that does add some fun to it!) or not--in fact, I'd rather lose than not play at all. San Juan is one I do like a lot but I can see that Miles is not into it, and Casey never requests it. I am fortunate that they will play anything if I ask though.

The favorite after-dinner-during-the-week-game has been TTR for some time now. We play it very fast and chaotically and noisily. I rarely win. The favorite weekend-when-we've-got-more-time-to-relax game is Macao. In fact, it's my favorite and I would play every day if I could. Our favorite quick game (2 player) is Jaipur. Simple, sophisticated, quick, fun. We are just starting to play Alhambra and we have Fresco opened but only have done a 2-player test run once and we played it wrong.

Now if only there was a gaming group around here....

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