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Jay Sheely
United States
Salt Lake City
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To my Secret Wargame Santa: Thanks in advance!

5 years of playing board games!!

As a kid, we played Chess, Axis and Allies, Stratego, D&D, and others. I have never liked Monopoly.

I'm pretty new to 'modern' board games. I've spent the past 15 years playing chess with the occasional game of Axis & Allies. We played A&A constantly back in the eighties and for a long time I thought that it was "The Ultimate Board Game".

Sometime in 2000, a dude in Vermont busted out Settlers and none of us had ever heard of it... but I was intrigued even though I wanted to continue hitting on a certain girl. Never looked further into the game but the idea that fun (!) new games existed kept lurking in my head. Finally! No more Risk!

Then, while looking for chess stuff in a local game store, I saw Power Grid and suddenly noticed all these other games! I picked Power Grid up and instantly knew I'ld be buying lots of board games.

I picked up Memoir 44 hoping to have a nice, juicy tactical WWII game but was highly disappointed at the lack of depth. I dig the game but wanted to really get into the experience. After only being a gamer for 3 months, I bought Combat Commander and have loved it since and have bought several other wargames.

At least half of my game-time goes into Wargames. I read rules to potential games, brush up on older rules and actively look for opponents - which are hard to find.

I could easily spend 4 hours a night playing board games and wish I had a man-cave where a monster war game could be set up for weeks... months
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