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Looking for fellow gamers on Bainbridge Island.

Once upon a time (also known as college) I worked for Niebling & Associates. We were sales representatives for Mayfair, Iron Crown, Koplow, Pacesetter, Fantasy Games Unlimited, Theatre of the Mind, Grenadier, and a couple of other companies selling to distributors. I also did a lot of conventions for them in a variety of roles. (The company president, Will Niebling, later became CEO of Mayfair.)

That led to a summer internship with Mayfair, during which I did most of the design on the Elfquest Board Game and a lot of development work on games that never came out. The bad news is the games that didn't come out were definitely better than the Elfquest Board Game.

The Niebling job led to a position with Capital City Distribution. (A job I loved, with people I still love, but at wages no man could love.) A year after starting there I was put in charge of games. For a couple of years afterward Capital City was the largest games distributor in the U.S. We completely revolutionized how games are ordered, sold, and distributed to retailers, for the better. While at Capital I launched Game Trade, which looks a lot better now than it did then.

After a short and painful experience working at Valiant comics, I was recruited by Wizard Press to run sales and marketing. While I was there, we launched the monthly magazine Inquest. I wrote a couple of articles for the magazine, one of which was reprinted as one of "the best of all time." I also brokered Wizard's purchase of the Chicago Comicon, and I remain irritated there isn't more gaming at that convention.

I was then out of games as a professional for several years, coming back into the industry to join WizKids as Executive Vice President, where I ran sales and most of marketing. While uncredited, I did invent the 'knockback' that's in HeroClix and at least a little something in every WizKids game published during my tenure. I also gave some of the products interesting names, my favorites is Fire for Effect. I invented the "blank base" HeroClix figures like Ant-Man that were used as convention giveaways, massively increased participation in the GAMA Trade Show and Origins, and passed out beer to all the employees every month when we made our sales goals. I was also on the board of GAMA during this period.

I'm no longer in the games industry as a professional, but I still go to Gen Con, the annual Fight in the Skies weekend, and I host games at my house once or twice a month on Bainbridge Island. If you're in Kitsap County or Seattle and you'd like to be on the invite list, give me a shout!

In real life I'm president of a real estate investment and development firm and minority owner of the Green Bay Packers.
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