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Dear Santa(7)
what a wonderful Santa you have been.

When we asked 2F for Fische, Fluppen Frikadellen in Essen, they had just sold the last remaining copy that morning. Should have gone there earlier. Nevermind, we will have so much fun with Abyss and Famiglia.

Please give my regards to Mrs Claus, little Claus and the puppy and kitty as well.

Happy Xmas

Dear Santa(6)
Thank you so much...
Just picked up two games at Thirsty Meeples...
Not unpacked yet...
More once I'm home
Dear Santa(5)

we have not yet managed to go to the given locations. I will be on end-of-year holiday come Thursday and we have planned a trip for Friday


Dear Santa(4)

Not to worry. The pictures were deliverately 'in the wild' as we used to be members of Homelink (http://homelink.org) - a great way of spending your holidays btw.
What kind of freaked us out was that we no longer have this picture on any wall - In fact we have moved houses.

We have not had the opportunity to go geocaching at the coordinates given by you. have gamer friends from Seattle coming over this week and a visit might unavoidable.

Thanks dear Krampus/Santa

Dear Santa(3)

I have been a bad boy. Been caught up in travelling and time consuming weekends. Got the gulp message from your friend and promise to be better from now on...


Dear Santa(2)

wow, you are a very watchful Santa, the Elves must do a lot of overtime this year...

Will check with Corinna this weekend...


Dear Santa

Thank you so much for whatever you will decide on. I am so excited.

Unfortunately I am travelling at the moment (I know - again) and will only be back home this weekend. I promise I will update my wishlist with more meaningful comments by then.

Have patience, I promise to be good

There, I did it. Went through my wishlist and updated it.

Yes, we travelled a lot in the last 2 years or so and we made sure we'd play game wherever we went.

Glad to hear Santa was in Essen, wish I could've met you there. Always nice to meet new peeple. I have never even considered the possibilities of Carolus' arm. I can see a Dr Who episode coming along with a nice new twist including some sort of Cybermen (http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Cyberman)

Wishlist levels are there to guide you. Feel free to consider any level < 5. Level 5 is really just for me to remember I wanted to play this game at some point...

As to big or small? I am not size-ist. Whatever is easier for you. Only thing to consider is that my game group here in UK is English speaking, so English games are much preferred, thanks.

Can pick up (and would certainly enjoy doing so) at Thirsty Meeples in Oxford (www.thirstymeeples.co.uk)

Hope that helps you for now


Link to my xkcd avatar http://xkcd.com/249/
Also look here: http://xkcd.com/chesscoaster/

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