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Any game in my collection I have listed as "Want to Play" means that whenever someone suggests it (with the right amount of players), I get that tingly feeling inside. Else, I'll play it and enjoy it but would rather play something else.

Most recently played:

Plays have been recorded since October 2012.

My Top 10.

My Hot 10 is listed as games I really want to get to the table asap!

*Update Feb 2014*

I am becoming more and more a solitaire gamer. I was partially driven to it but am also more welcoming of it. I can play whenever I want. I share it with the friendly Solitaire Games on your Table geeklist. I have found some great games to play. I enjoy the time spent alone.

I love multiplayer but my lack of ready gaming partners and my feelings of jadedness from constantly being disappointed by potential sessions that haven't worked out have turned me to this.... and I am thankful. I love these games, I love the designers, and I love the community. Truly, together we do game alone

*Update May 2014*

I have started a blog about this wonderful hobby. You can peruse it here:

*Update November 2014*

Haven't blogged in a while. Unfortunate, but I haven't quit! Also, been doing some video overviews of games I love, you can find them here: http://boardgamegeek.com/videos/boardgame/all?username=Moe45...

Secret Soloist

SS 2015

Dear Secret Soloist,

I am a moron. I need to update my wishlist! D'oh!

Will do so by start of day, April 2nd.

Cheers and thanks for understanding,


Secret Santas

SS 2013

Dear Secret Santa 2013,

This is the first one I am participating in, therefore I am unsure of what to expect. For ease of use, I am listing a few OLGS in Canada to make your job easier.

germangames.com - flat fee of $10 shipping, regardless of numOfGames
fungamescafe.com - Flat fee of $10.95
geekstopgames.ca - Flat fee of $11

You can see more here: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/73279/item/1872287#item187...

If you must ship from your own generous hands in the North Pole, please use standard mail (Canada Post, USPS, etc) and not private brokerage (UPS, FedEx, etc) because I will be slapped with unreasonably large fees upon receipt!

I'd also like to add that any expansions on my wishlist, please do some due diligence on them! If the base game is listed in the wishlist, I do not own it and the expansion alone would be near useless! I would also appreciate both the base game and expansion together, if you decide on it! However, if the base game is not listed than I already own it and just would like the expansion

Additionally, a slightly used game is perfectly acceptable! As long as it was loved and taken care of, all the pieces are there and in good condition (cards don't have to be mint but they should be very good and not affect playability by identifying marks, etc) is perfectly ok as well.

Any game on the list (especially those rated "Like to Have" or higher) I am sent I will be thrilled to accept!

Also, if I've been very good this year and you feel I deserve a bunch of games, I'm going to ask you to limit it to ONE solitaire game. I already own too many But if all I receive is the expansion to Agricola: ACBaS, I shall still appreciate your generosity, time, and thoughtfulness. I'm in this to make someone's holiday special and anything I receive is a bonus!

Finally, please limit all games to English versions only (incl rulebook). If you can't find one, just choose another game from my wishlist!

I really appreciate you going through the trouble, money, and time to send me some games I'll hopefully enjoy. Cheers, and keep looking back here for an update after receipt!

*First Response*

What, ho? I got Santa Grogs responding to me now? Well, that's unexpected.

It looks like I got two great games! Awesome, thanks Santa!

And Agricola makes me soft? I play with a rule variant where I annex my opponents farmland when space becomes scarce devil

Some clarifications and summaries:
- if shipping internationally, please use country's mail system and not private brokerage
- If you decide to buy an expansion on my wishlist, please ensure I own the base game already! If not, please get the base game!

Finally, I never meant to imply that I deserve more than one game. What I did intend was that if you want to choose to send me more than one, I have a few requests. If you decide, in your infinite wisdom, that I deserve just one I will nonetheless be very appreciative!

*Second Response*

Dear Santa,

Elf 328 got back to me and his message was crystal clear. Except one thing I've gotta get out..... What game trade was Santa Grogs referring to? I am drawing a blank! Really curious now.

Secondly, I did not cheat in my pushups! I would never do such a thing. I simply did two of them so fast it looked like one in the resulting blur, but SG didn't believe me! But fine, I'll do the 40 pushups.... and I'll film it too!

I look forward to the incoming package! Thanks, can't wait!

Oh, one last tidbit..... I don't conquer fields of sheep. That's a woman's war. I conquer fields of horses and form cavalry units arrrh

*Third Response*

To: Santa c/o Elf #328

Dear Santa,

Many thanks for the quick response! I must make a confession: I got an email from an OLGS here with all the details Spoilers!

So I know, unfortunately, which games are coming. However, I am thrilled to receive them both!

Also, yes, I did change the wishlist. I changed both those games from Wishlist to Preordered You can verify. Thank you so much!

This grateful Canadian

*Fourth Response*

To: Santa c/o Elf #328

Dear Santa,

I hope you're ok! Did you check for concussion? Or is there snow in your workshop to cushion the fall...... you know, there are so many conflicting pictures of where you work that I can't make heads nor tails of what's going on up there.

Yes, the revelation was a complete bummer of a spoiler and I tried to keep it from you, but your comment about my wishlist changing made it imperative that you understand that I'm thrilled to be receiving the games you chose! Re: Black Friday, I've already printed off the revised rules from the files page and read them thrice. Can't wait!

I'll send SteveMeeple a headsup letting him know how lucky he is to be alive. Santa Grogs is certainly noone to be trifled with!

As per my own target, his gifts have been chosen and sent! Consider yourself lucky, I had to buy from an OLGS in the UK and ship it to Eastern Europe for a small fortune! Luckily, my choice was easy. A game listed as must-have on his wishlist was one of my faves, one Santa Grogs agrees is a great one and hoped I use Napoleon regularly to wipe out my opponents

Cheers, and thanks again!

*Games Received*


Thank you, Santa!

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Top 10
#1: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#2: Clash of Cultures
#3: Caylus
#4: Agricola
#5: Chicago Express
#6: Age of Industry
#7: Troyes
#8: Puzzle Strike (Third Edition)
#9: Thunderbolt Apache Leader
Hot 10
#1: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#2: Polis: Fight for the Hegemony
#3: Thunderbolt Apache Leader
#4: Age of Industry Expansion #1: Japan and Minnesota
#5: Caylus
#6: Puzzle Strike (Third Edition)
#7: Planet Steam
#8: Clash of Cultures
#9: Mage Knight Board Game
#10: 1775: Rebellion
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