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CallieMo wrote:
Pick a game that you used to like but now are sick of playing for whatever reason. Write a "Dear John" type letter to that game explaining to it why you're breaking up with it. Assume that the game will be offended/upset that it will never be played again by you.

Dearest Pokemon Trading Card Game,

When we first met, you were but a child enterring this world as nothing but Base Set. I too was young and we grew together. We forged friendships and created enemies as we continued our relationship through Jungle and Fossil. As you evolved into Neo Revelations we would part ways, but I would not forget you.

It would be through fate our paths would cross again as new friends would lead me to succumb to your allure once again as you were just beginning your new journey in Black & White. We stayed close to eachother and I would dedicate many evenings to you competing for your coveted medals from Play Tournaments. I fought hard for you and I would allow no other but myself to stand triumphant as your king, I was #1 in our state for completing the Pokemon League and attaining all 8 badges before any other. I was devoted to you, unquestioned.

Then, you turned on me. You spat in my face as you opened your arms wide to all who were new to meet you and laughed at those whom had preciously loved you. With Legendary Treasures you tore my heart out and stomped upon it on the floor. How could you? In one new incarnation you would re-release all that was rare and hard to attain from our relationship since Black & White and give these ellusive relics out as if they were a bowl of candy.

I was done. I am done, never to return to your lecherous grip. What we had was special, but it will never be the same again.

Goodbye, Pokemon Trading Card Game.


Saltlizard wrote:
If you could instate a board game mechanic or rule into the real world that everyone had to obey, what would it be and why?

Once a month roll a D20. On a natural 20 you get the option of a promotion if your boss rolled a 1 or a pay rise. If tied with other employees for a promotion you must then roll against eachother to tie break.

lisaabbott78 wrote:
Imagine you're trapped in a boardgame. Which game would you pick, and why? What would be the best, and the worst thing about this?

Vampire: Dark Influences

The best thing?
Being part of a vampiric society ever so slightly obscured from the knowledge of the general public would be pretty cool.

The worst thing?
Potentially becoming a Nosferatu!



My Journey
This is a living geeklist that I use to keep track of all the amazing achievements and events that have occurred thanks to my interactions with the Boardgamegeek community.

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