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I have been a gamer all my life, starting with children games and progressing through the entire scale of board games as well as console and computer games. I grew up with board games and I remember several of them rather fondly, but one thing all of the games from my childhood have in common is the prevalence of a high random element. Roll and move was the core mechanic used in most of those games, although the better games combined this with other mechanics. I remember not liking the abstract games because of being too competitive (me, not the games).

When I grew a bit older I diversified. At home we started playing card games a lot more, the kinds using a regular deck of playing cards (or 2). Canasta was the definite favorite game, although I took a stab at Bridge at one point and played that for a while. With my friends I started playing meatier board games as well as role play games (the Swedish equivalent of D&D mainly, this was in the late 80’s and I was 11). The board games had a lot more depth to them and combined the luck element with tactics or strategy which made them much more interesting. However, the games took quite some time to play and the luck element, mainly represented by dice, was still very much present.

Mid 90’s (mid teens) - I had started to dislike the ever present luck element. I was then exposed to the budding world of Light strategy games (Lsg’s or Euro games if you so prefer) at Sydcon (a Swedish gaming convention) in the form of Settlers of Catan and I immediately knew that this genre was my field of interest. While Settlers do have a quite annoying luck element of its own, the rest of the game outweighed this element by far.

Mid 00’s (25ish) - 10 years after Settlers and I had a decent collection of Lsg’s. I visited other genres from time to time (eg. Blood Bowl, Adv. Civ, Bridge, Mahjong) but most of the time I played Lsg’s. I attended and helped organize at one or two gaming conventions every year and loved every minute of it. When the Poker craze hit I dabbled a bit in it and found tournament play very entertaining but cash games very boring. I had my most fun when I was Tournament Director so I organized, or was brought in to TD, a few tournaments. Still, when the day was over, I turned back to Lsg’s.

Late 00’s (30ish) - Moving to a new city (after finding a steady work place) my gaming started to dip. For a short while we had a gaming club here, but that fell through when the local game store shut down. The gaming highlights of my year became the gaming convention Gothcon with very little other gaming going on. 2010 I played almost no board games at all except at Gothcon and at the gamer gathering of Orustspelen. The interest was still there, but the energy was not.

Early 10's - Rekindled the regular gaming with a weekly Mahjong group. For 9 months we played every week, then a couple of the players moved to other cities and we didn't manage to fill their seats. Gothcon 2011 came and went, still the highlight of the year. In the fall of 2011 the planning for Gothcon 2012 sparked a new idea - videos of full sessions with a running commentary.

2012 - First episode of the video project is about to be posted. I wonder if anyone will find it entertaining...

Jesper 2012-02-20
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