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Burster of Bubbles, Destroyer of Dreams.
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Just imagine the red offboard up here. I'll create it Real Soon Now...
Yes, I know a proper 18XX tile should have a tile number.
2013 Santa: Thanks for the number!

I've let my profile get very out of date, here's a partial update (2011-12-23) on who I am and what games I play.

My userid was taken from a very old (1980s) AD&D character of mine, who got it from the name of a town in Southern Maryland; I wasn't aware of the Arthurian connection until MUCH later.

While I've played some level of modern boardgames on and off ever since I got into Science Fiction Fandom in the mid-80s, I've only been a gamer since I moved to California and a FOAFOAF (friend of a friend of a friend) invited me to the Dukefish gaming group in June of 2006. Mel taught me 1856 in December of that year and it was love at first sight...

I like to try new games; sometimes I'll buy games because something about them sounds interesting and I think that's the only way I'll get a chance to try them. When I first got into gaming I bought a lot of used games that I didn't know enough about; I'd like to think my research skills have gotten a bit better since then. :-)

In my natural state I'm highly competitive; I like heavy economic games like 18xx, mid-weight economic games like Power Grid, lightly confrontational games with an economic underpinning like Advanced Civilization and Age of Renaissance, complex economic card games like Race for the Galaxy and Saint Petersburg... oh, and I love Dixit. Man cannot live by breadwinning ability alone ;-)

(On the other hand, lest you think I'm going soft, perhaps my favorite game of 2011 has been the truly vicious Vanuatu.)

Starting in 2011 I've also been trying wargames; my first wargame was a 5-month campaign game of The Battle for Normandy. Moderation in everything, including moderation!

I've intermittently logged my plays, with one run starting in October of 2007 and another from December 2010 through December 2011 and continuing.

My avatar is a custom 18xx tile -- as far as I know there's no published 18xx variant that includes a tile with track in all 6 directions but only one token circle. The 70s-style flower decorating it is completely nonstandard, of course, but since 18xx is always the first game I mention when someone over-simplisticly asks "what games do women like", it seems very fitting. ("Putting the XX back in 18xx" :-) )

The avatar was partly inspired by the purple flower "gems" in my bright pink Crocs. AFAIK I'm the only woman on BGG so stylish that her shoes match her avatar. (True fashionistas can run screaming in terror at seeing "Crocs" and "stylish" in the same sentence. :-) )

I've been to BGG.con in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011; it is a highly compressed gaming experience and I intend to go back every year if possible. Locally we have the awesome Kublacon and Pacificon. I've also enjoyed the much smaller Portland 18xx convention.

My Top 10 from various years:

Top 10
#1: Container
#2: Power Grid: China/Korea
#3: Le Havre
#4: Tsuro
#5: 1856
#6: Advanced Civilization
#7: Brass
#8: Edel, Stein & Reich
#9: Chicago Express
#10: Die Macher

From the same period, games I most wanted to try:
#1: Hey, That's My Fish!
#2: 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight
#3: Ta Yü
#4: Falsche FuFFziger
#5: Diamonds Club
#6: Planet Steam
#7: Flowerpower
#8: Shear Panic
#9: Snow Tails

I've only managed to try 4 of those...

It's a crying shame that Container doesn't hit the table enough any more to even be considered for my Top 10. (Though play frequency is not the only criterion, hence the inclusion of Advanced Civ.)

I have 13 candidates:

Power Grid: China
Advanced Civ.
Le Havre
Race for the Galaxy -- Brink of War
Wabash Cannonball
No Thanks!
St. Petersburg Expansion

(With honorable mention to Coloretto -- ounce for ounce the best game I own.)

I've participated in the BGG Secret Santa a few times, although the gifts I receive are Chanukkah presents ;-) I enjoy stalking strangers, figuring out good gifts to give, and researching games I would never want to play myself.

I tell my Santas that I would love to get games they think I would like and that they are free to ignore my wishlist; I've never been disappointed yet.

Thank you, 2007 Secret Santas! I did both the International and the US-only versions that year.

Thank you, psychic 2008 Secret Santa!

I skipped Secret Santa in 2009, along with a lot of other things. :-(

Thanks, 2010 Santa! You're wonderful! I can't wait to try these new games!

(And I later tried and liked both of them! Excellent!)

Thanks, 2011 Santa!

Thanks, 2012 Santa!

Before sending me trade offers, please note that I'm rarely interested in going through the trouble and expense of trading through the mail unless I'm going to be receiving a hard-to-acquire game that is high on my wishlist. For that reason my list of games marked "for trade" is rarely an accurate picture of what I'm interested in divesting myself of.

http://www.game-off.com wants to see this tag on my profile to verify my account...
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Top 10
#1: 1817
#2: 1846
#3: Brass
#4: Power Grid: China/Korea
#5: Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War
#6: Outpost
#7: New Amsterdam
#8: Terra Mystica
#9: The Great Zimbabwe
#10: Peloponnes
Hot 10
#1: Vanuatu
#2: 1856
#3: Ora et Labora
#4: Power Grid: China/Korea
#5: 1846
#6: Dixit
#7: Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War
#8: Dominant Species
#9: Brass
#10: Mage Knight Board Game
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