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Je suis Paris
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ESSEN The Game: SPIEL '13 Featuring Jonah
RIP Jonah Lomu 1975-2015

About me:
I'm a father of 2 boys, aged 8 and 10, and live together with my still soon to be wife in a small town near the sea.
My youngest was diagnozed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome so arranging everything around that has been the top priority around here, moving other plans (like the wedding) a bit further into the future.

I work as an IT-Consultant and mostly enjoy the creative part of my work and finding solutions to complex problems.

About Secret Santa:

My SS guide is Tommynomad's geeklist on Tips to Make Yourself the best Secret Santa
Better check that geeklist too, especially on the shipping and customs part (shipping a 2 lb. game I received juli 2010 from the USA in a flat rate box costed $41.28 , OMG!). Best is to order something from an online store near me (Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, see the soon to be publihed Santa-Online-Stores-List (there will be discount codes in that geeklist too, but I also will note some in my wishlist) and the Wiki-page of Secret Santa Stores
And please please please: Taunt me!

Games on my Wishlist:

Although I like my games more complex I mostly play games with my family who prefer to play family-games. Game-nights usually are also more a social occasion so the need of light games is bigger then the need of complex games (and I usually already buy those myself). So my Wishlist has mostly light games on it that look great and sometimes are also suitable to play with my oldest son.
When getting me a game check the language. Some games are fine in any language (so get them in a German online store for they are cheapest), some need to be in Dutch and some that are not in Dutch need to be in English. Some games have international versions. I will try to add that information in my withlist (and if I know where to find them).


October 2012:
Most games I play is with my 7yo.
Jonah's current Top 7:
2. Survive!
1. Escape: The Curse of the Temple
3. Monster Factory
4. Poo: The Card Game
5. Saboteur (just the path-cards).
6. Château Roquefort
7. Monopoly: Pokémon Not really, this was part of the GI5 OT hunt.

It's great to play boardgames with him, but I wish I was also playing more games with my gaming-buddies. Alas, with 2 small kids around we don't get to play games that often anymore. Although I have to admit, when we are traveling we do tend to play many games.
O, better admit, maybe Jonah's top 7 is actually my top 7 toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
(Although I would also add 7 Wonders, Fresco and Love Letter to that list).

My Gaming hobby:
As many, I got into gaming (again) through Settlers of Catan (and won a price in the Mayfair scenario contest). I still like it, but other games hit the table more often.
Most games I play with my 7 yr old son, Survive! is his favorite at the moment, but he also asks for many other games now
My 5 yr old son will probably be a better gaming partner soon, he is already asking daddy to play a game Last Essen I got him Voll in Fahrt, and we played a full game (with simplified rules) and he won!

But what else describes me?

This was part of the GI5 OT hunt. wrote:
Try to find the minifigs.


The Monopolista organiser is a traveller

Interests besides Boardgames:
Scuba diving
Inline skating
Rugby (union and 7's)

I went to every Rugby World Cup since 1999, except the one in New Zealand in 2011. I called my oldest son after Jonah Lomu. In 2015 I took Jonah to his first World Cup.
The next World Cup will start September 20th 2019 in Japan, and I sure am counting down already.

Been to Essen every year since 2006, and will travel to Essen in 2016 again!
Most of these have been 1 day trips on the Thursday, except for 2009 when I also went on Saturday. In 2012 I helped out at a booth all 4 days. In 2013 I went an extra day with my then 8yo (his first visit).

New Flag-Map as of January 23rd 2011:

Or is this map nicer (March 10th 2011):
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Town/City: Je suis Paris
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Top 10
#1: 7 Wonders
#2: Ticket to Ride: Europe
#3: Fast Flowing Forest Fellers
#4: Château Roquefort
#5: Stone Age
#6: Powerboats
#7: Robo Rally
Hot 10
#1: 7 Wonders
#2: Tikal II: The Lost Temple
#3: Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
#4: Dixit
#5: Gonzaga
#6: Fearsome Floors
#7: Château Roquefort
#8: duck! duck! Go!
#9: Caravelas
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