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As you guide your cursor over the blue avatar a strange feeling of dread comes over you.
Thanks for stopping by.
I've been a game lover since way back in the 70's.
Back then there was a group of five of us that played games
a few times a week.
We all lived on the same street, so getting a game
together was as easy as knocking on a couple doors.
Avalon Hill games were a popular choice.
Eventually we got our hands on the D&D Basic Set,
and game night was never the same.
It was a great time back then and I always hope I'll
bump into one of the old Oak Avenue gang
here on the geek some day.

I found the geek a few years ago while looking
for a new boardgame. At the time I was playing Settlers
and Ra with some friends and was hoping for another
fun game that they didn't have at the normal stores.
I ended up getting Dominion. About a year after that
I returned to the geek and slowly
became entangled in it's clutches.

Then, one lucky day, I signed up to play in
a RPG game in the RPGG forums. That got me back into a
great hobby that I hadn't realized I missed!
RPGG is awesome! Drop on by, we have cookies!

At home we play a variety of games and you can tell
which ones we like best by the ratings in my collection.

The trio of sites under the
geek umbrella are just amazing.
Great content, great community, great fun !

Here's what I've been up to...

My 24Hour RPG Contest 2014 Entry, Menagerie

I took the 5 RPG Challenge! Here's what "new to me" games I've played so far.

I'm running a Pathfinder RPG adventure for the 2014 PbF New Player Initiative.

I ran a Mutants and Masterminds game via Play by Forum.

I was Geek of the Week

My 24Hour RPG Contest 2012 entry: As Luck Would Have It which still needs finished and polished...some day.

My Holiday Adventure Contest Entry: A Song of Sixpence

I ran a homebrewed Pathfinder Campaign: Alterim

Myself and some awesome other members created: Circus Maximus

My first Pathfinder homebrew: The Barstow Bandits

A choose your path/dungeon crawlish game I ran on BGG: The King's Ransom

If you're still reading this... go play a game !

The board games I'm currently enjoying the most.

The board games that I want to play/buy.

RPGs I'm running, playing, and reading or waiting to run/play/read.

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Top 10
#1: Village
#2: Clash of Cultures: Civilizations
#3: Steampunk Rally
#4: Cyclades: Hades
#5: Eclipse
#6: Hansa Teutonica
#7: Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport
#8: Clash of Cultures
#9: Dungeon Petz
#10: Merchants & Marauders
Hot 10
#1: City of Chaos
#2: Eclipse: Rise of the Ancients
#3: Cyclades: Titans
#4: Merchants & Marauders: Seas of Glory
#5: Terra Mystica
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