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I started this habit we call "gaming" at a relatively young age longing to play the board game Clue with my older sister. She used it as a reward (bribe) for me to "play" school with her. Actually, her form of "school" was having me sit in front of her while she talked and sometimes threw things at me. I didn’t mind (although I still have a small scar on my check from an especially educational session), as long as I got to move Col. Mustard around to the different rooms and pick up the interesting little pieces. Once I was old enough to "play" school for real, I move on to other games like Sorry!, Monopoly, Checkers and believe-it-or-not, Chess. I really didn’t understand any strategy, but started "playing" Chess in grade school.

I also developed a passion for sports and most notably baseball while helping my older brother sort through his expansive baseball card collection. My brother and I also starting developing games simulating baseball. I developed my first game (baseball) at age 12, followed by a co-developed (with my brother) game (baseball, again) at age 13. But once my brother and I found Strat-O-Matic Baseball, the gaming lab was closed down. For the next 10 years, I played Strat-O-Matic Baseball (and some football and hockey) more than any other game. For a recap of some of the tumultuous history of gaming with my brother, check out some of my session reports and my entry for Fran Tarkenton's Pro Football.

I guess you could call my family a gaming family. We played mostly card games: Tripoley, Liverpool Rummy, Hearts, Canasta, and Rook. We also played Risk (technically my first wargame) and King Oil. But it was my introduction to gaming outside my family that changed my love for games forever. In junior high school, I started playing role playing games. Traveller at first and then the grand-daddy—Dungeon and Dragons (even played some Top Secret, Boot Hill, Behind Enemy Lines and GamaWorld) This opened up a whole new gaming world. More importantly, through my gaming group, I was introduced to more advanced board games and the . . . well . . . "Avalon" of gaming—Avalon Hill. Kingmaker, Civilization, War and Peace, War in the Pacific (first edition), Panzer Leader, Squad Leader, Rise and Decline of the Third Reich, Flat Top, The Longest Day, just to name a few, filled many a waking (and dreaming) hour. My first purchase—Swashbuckler from Yaquinto (a mail order purchase). I also kept up with designing games. Inspired by Dungeon & Dragons, I worked on a Medieval/Fantasy/Football game, where the players fought instead of tackled, used a stone instead of a pigskin, and used a catapult instead of kicking the ball (would you want to kick a stone). However, I soon realized that "Nothing is new under the Sun" and later saw MY idea in the form of an arcade game and then a boardgame. Graduation lead to new adventures and the next stage of my life, but also took me away from my gaming group. One of the last games we played was a new comer on the scene—Axis & Allies.

Outside the traditional family card games and an obsessive period of playing Divine Right (or was I just trying to avoid studying for finals), I didn’t play many board games in college, but actually started designing again. I started with sports games (a college basketball game--that I later discovered was kinda similar to March Madness--foiled again) and then developed a few space and empire building games. Currently, I have over 50 game designs at various levels of development, but alas, none have been submitted to the great game publishers. I will keep designing and who knows, one day, I may submit one. For now, I have four simple designs posted on BGG—Battle Leader Tactics, Weilong, College Basketball Dynasty and All Time Championship Soccer, all of which are free to print and play. I hope you try them, enjoy them, and let me know your thoughts.

It was after college and grad school that I dove headfirst back into gaming. The culprit—Magic: The Gathering. The Dr. Frankenstein that created the monster we call CCG hooked me as bad as the thousands of other junkies playing Magic: The Gathering. For the next 4-5 years that is practically all I (and my friends) played. Then suddenly, I changed jobs, moved to a new city, focused on my career and social life (that means women) and turned into a recovering game-aholic (basically, not playing anything but an occasional video game or card game).

Ironically, what brought me back to board gaming was the game that I played last with my high school group—Axis & Allies. I kept looking for it (this is before it was mass produced and available at all the big Marts) and was astonished by the price ($45). I couldn’t remember what I used to pay for boardgames (mostly Avalon Hill), but $45 seemed high (boy, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into . . . can you say, Twilight Imperium (Third Edition)). It was while I was looking at hobby and FLGS, I noticed that there was a wave of new games (well, new to me) on the market—eurogames. Titles such as Catan and Puerto Rico whetted my appetite and capture my imagination (both as a gamer and a self-proclaimed-struggling game designer). The research into this renaissance of gaming, lead me to BGG and fueled my passion to new bonfire heights. BGG is a great site and an essential tool for anyone interesting in this hobby. Now I check BGG almost everyday (spending way too much time here) and try to play boardgames (of all shapes and sizes) equally as much.

BGG also feeds another one of my addictions--collecting to an extreme. I first starting using BGG for its database and was slowly sucked into its seductive sirens' call to collect more and more games. This has lead, in turn, to yet another addiction--trying out free print and play games. I have read, tried, played, tinkered with, over 1100 public domain, demo, free games (and still counting). Leaning toward a self proclaimed title--King of the Free!

Finally, with my marriage to a citizen of China (now a US Citizen) I was introduced to a new culture of games—Mahjong, Shou Ba Yi and Xiangqi. What started so long ago with Clue has taken my on a journey through Chess, Liverpool Rummy, Risk, Strat-O-Matic Baseball, Kingmaker, Civilization, Divine Right, Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Dice, Puerto Rico, Caylus, Mahjong, Dominion, Twilight Imperium (Third Edition), Twilight Struggle and Warhammer: Invasion. And, I’m still loving it!


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#1: Civilization
#2: Magic: The Gathering
#3: Strat-O-Matic Baseball
#4: Twilight Imperium (Third Edition)
#5: Twilight Struggle
#6: Caverna: The Cave Farmers
#7: Cosmic Encounter
#8: Android: Netrunner
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#1: 7 Wonders: Duel
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#3: Android: Netrunner
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#5: Roll for the Galaxy
#6: Splendor
#7: Shadow Hunters
#8: Tiny Epic Galaxies
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#10: Smash Up
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